Becoming The Archetype (USA) blitz through Southern Africa

It's been in the news a while, but now it is upon us!  Becoming The Archetype hit African shores this coming weekend and blitz...

M4A 2010 Promo Tour – Johannesburg & Durban

Since 2007, have been hosting Cape Town's sickest metal shows, and doing incredible things to bring the Cape Town community together in pursuing a single goal: a focus on "globalising" African Metal. We are now doing this promo tour to invite all and sundry into the M4A family, to 'meet and greet' members of the community we wish to serve.

Gauteng gets Southern African Metal triple-whammy!

Three metal bands from three different regions, each one rated amongst the top of their game at home, are converging on Gauteng province in the first week of September... Power Metal from Namibia, Thrash Metal from Botswana, and Death Metal from Cape Town. Find out more

Mind of Aggression… Oppikoppi

It is reported that Oppikoppi this year is expected to be a sell-out. For the first time in it's 16 year history! See Mind Assault & Architecture of Aggression as they represent on behalf of South Africa's extreme metal community.

WinterFest’10 Competition Winners…

We would like to thank everybody who participated in our Registering for WinterFest'10. This has given us a lot of insight, and built confidence towards hosting an even better event at SummerFest'11. We have our three lucky draw winners...

‘Best of Bass’ comes back for a round 2

Emalyth presents: 6 amazing bands and a fashion show. Get the metal guys and the metal girls together and you get a moerse party!!!

SacriFist get new lease on life…

It was announced in November 2009 that Byron Myers was going to be leaving SacriFist owing to health reasons. In recent weeks, a suitable replacement has been found, and final farewells said. Metal 4 Africa went in to meet the 'new guy' and to get the full story.

MotherFudd in ‘the can’… for ever?

We were recently shocked and deeply saddened to learn that the beloved MotherFudd, Johannesburgs annual Festival of Metal and Hard Rock begun in 2006, would not be taking place in the coming year of 2011. Metal4africa went to the source to investigate and to bring you the facts.

Architecture Of Aggression in Kwazulu Natal

Kwazulu Natal Tour South Africa's most notorious Death Metal trio, Architecture of Aggression from Pretoria, are headed into Kwazulu Natal in July. They arrive in the...

WinterFest’10 line-up unveiled

Full Line-up for WinterFest'10 announced, including co-headliners, WRUST from Botswana.