Alestorm 2019 press

Alestorm: on touring, drinking and being stranded on an island

Alestorm The infamous pirate metal band Alestorm continues its conquest of the seven seas this year while playing metal festivals all over the world. With...
Imperial Destruction: Ruinous album artwork

SummerFest’16: Imperial Destruction album launch

Imperial Destruction have firmly established themselves as an identity within the South African metal scene by sheer force of will, hard work, and a...

Cape Town legend hits up 10 years!

299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, is an address that has long been affectionately referred to by many locals as "Gandies". This conglomerate of 'three-venues-under-one-roof' set off to a humble beginning in the year that the world was expected to end, back in 2000. We caught up with Antonio for a chat now on the eve of the Gandalfs 10 Year Birthday Party - which promises to be HUGE
Robyn Ferguson 2020 Falling Forward

Robyn Ferguson: new 2020 album announced

Falling Forward, art reveal and pre-orders now open. Cape Town, South Africa: the...

Virginia: new video by Facing The Gallows Johannesburg, South Africa: longstanding metalcore greats Facing The Gallows members re-render a familiar song, no less...
Chelsea Grin band press picture

Chelsea Grin: South Africa – one night only

UPDATE - 04/08/2017: This tour has been cancelled. More info available here. Johannesburg, South Africa: USA Deathcore band Chelsea Grin has been announced by...

Gauteng gets Southern African Metal triple-whammy!

Three metal bands from three different regions, each one rated amongst the top of their game at home, are converging on Gauteng province in the first week of September... Power Metal from Namibia, Thrash Metal from Botswana, and Death Metal from Cape Town. Find out more
Wacken Metal Battle 2019 South Africa

Wacken Metal Battle 2019: South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa: 2019 sees another opportunity for South Africa to prove its mettle at Wacken Open Air festival in Germany; hallowed land for...
WinterFest'20 header image

WinterFest’20 | covid-19 won’t stop us

WinterFest'20 will go ahead in spite of Covid-19. It'll just be a little different, and accessible to all from home.
HOKUM 2020 press photograph

HOKUM: ‘The Caress’ video out now Johannesburg, South Africa: Five years since the band's moving 2015 debut album, The Money Eaters, HOKUM...