Our scene also has it’s fallen hero’s. Here, we will aim to preserve their memory and honour their works.

Peter Saffy 1983 – 2009

Peter Saffy was the vocalist of the Bloemfontein-based band Ichor. He will always be remembered as a kind, fun-loving person, and a friend to just about everyone who ever met him. Geologist by day, work had him moving around a lot, and he couldn’t stay in Bloem. However, this did not keep him from doing what he loved, travelling 600 to 1 100 km over a weekend for band practice.

Jacey Cronje 1982 – 2012

Jacey was the rhythm guitarist of the symphonic blackened metal band Spectral Realm. To his band mates he was the guy who always spoke his mind no matter what. He thoroughly enjoyed playing guitar for Spectral Realm and had started work his own musical project, composing everything himself.