Releases of Albums, EPs, Singles, Videos, or intriguing Demos

Nuclear Winter 2021 The Harvest Moon

Nuclear Winter: The Harvest Moon Harare, Zimbabwe: Gary Stautmeister is the mastermind behind this Melodic/Industrial Death Metal export from the landlocked...
Ill System 2021 Rock Bottom, photo by Laura McCullagh

Ill System: not quite ‘Rock Bottom’ Cape Town, South Africa: true to the genre, Ill System continues with social and political commentating...
Kill Frenzy 2021 End In The Flames still from music video

Kill Frenzy: End In The Flames Cape Town, South Africa: thrash/punk metal band Kill Frenzy is back, and this time with a...
Driftwood: The Night

With Dawn: Driftwood saga continues with ‘The Night’

With Dawn, after a period of several years apparent hiatus, is back with a new single. Check out 'Driftwood: The Night', with promises of an album to come.
Mind Assault 2021 The Cult of Conflict album art

Mind Assault: The Cult of Conflict, out now

Cape Town, South Africa: long-standing metal band, Mind Assault, finally released its The Cult of Conflict album....
Robyn Ferguson 2021 Triptych

Robyn Ferguson: Triptych EP is released

Robyn Ferguson puts out yet another EP in the short span of a year, bringing the number to three with 'Triptych'. Check it out here.
MARENE 2021 Something's Out There promo shoot

MARENE: New EP, Something’s Out There, out now

The "Flash Rockers" at MARENE have released their EP today, 'Something's Out There' following the appearance of only the title track last week. Give it a listen here.

Robyn Ferguson: ‘Grey’, prelude to Triptych

Cape Town, South Africa: Guitar Prodigy, Robyn Ferguson is flying high on today’s radar with the release...
Mind Assault - New World Disorder

Mind Assault: New World Disorder, and album date Cape Town, South Africa: the headbanging stalwarts in Mind Assault released another preview from its upcoming...

Riddlebreak: New EP, Architeuthis, out today

Midrand, South Africa: Today, Riddlebreak released its long-awaited second EP, Architeuthis; and just in time for SummerFest’21...