Temples On Mars 2018 album cover

Temples On Mars: self-titled debut out now

London, United Kingdom: hold on! What is metal4africa doing snooping around in London? Well, the story of Temples On Mars - the...
Imperial Destruction: Ruinous album artwork

SummerFest’16: Imperial Destruction album launch

Imperial Destruction have firmly established themselves as an identity within the South African metal scene by sheer force of will, hard work, and a...
Red Helen 2017 Trading Past For Pathways

Red Helen: ‘Trading Past for Pathways’ album out

Johannesburg, South Africa: the debut album Trading Past for Pathways by metalcore / progressive band and 2014 finalist in the international Wacken Metal Battle,...

Megalodon: ‘Illusion of Origin’ out today

Cape Town, South Africa: djent-metal band Megalodon has released it's brand new album today. Illusion of Origin, released via Burning Tone Records, follows...
Skinflint 2016 Cheif Of The Ghosts

Skinflint: ‘Chief Of The Ghosts’ out now

Gaborone, Botswana: established in 2006, this three member Heavy Metal band has delivered its fifth full length album today with Chief Of The Ghosts....

Crow Black Sky: Launching of Pantheion

With the coming of Crow Black Sky's debut album launch this coming Saturday (18 Dec, 2010) at ROAR in Observatory, Cape Town, we thought it a nice opportunity to have a chat with the guys. Besides introducing this relatively new name on the scene to our readers, we wanted to also acquire a little insight into what we can expect from the album, 'Pantheion'.
Scathanna Wept 2018 Archaic Tempest

Scathanna Wept: Archaic Tempest album out

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: some music is hard to discover unless you're looking in the right places. For Black Metal, mystery can be an...
Ruff Majik 2020 The Devil's Cattle

Ruff Majik: The Devil’s Cattle, out today

Ruff Majik and Mongrel Records released the band's latest album, The Devil's Cattle, via all major streaming platforms today. Physical copies are also available.
Vulvodynia 2019 Mob Justice

Vulvodynia: Mob Justice, live kick-off tonight!

Mob Justice Johannesburg, South Africa: we spotted most members of SA's biggest Metal export in attendance at the Wacken Metal Battle SA Finals last weekend....

Thread Of Omen: ‘Vindicta’ album out now

Cape Town, South Africa: melodic death metal from 'The Mother City' has always enjoyed a strong presence on the scene with no lack of...