Releases of Albums, EPs, Singles, Videos, or intriguing Demos

Sepulchre of Man: introduces self with ‘Curtain Call’

Johannesburg, South Africa: 'Curtain Call' shows us that amidst the continuing ruinous impact of Covid-19, creators are...
Your Cynical Sanity 2020 press photo Doom Town

Your Cynical Sanity: Doom Town, Single Release

Durban, South Africa: a long-anticipated new single by Your Cynical Sanity, 'Doom Town', dropped on the 30th...
The Fallen Prophets 2020 No End In Sight, Dead But Still Alive

The Fallen Prophets: No End In Sight, out today Cape Town, South Africa: a relentless writing motivation has The Fallen Prophets in its grasp as...
Sundergeist 2020 Hindsight promo image

Sundergeist: first single with ‘Hindsight’ Cape Town, South Africa: a new project springs up from ashes left by 2020 in the...
Unblessed Divine 2020 Reborn Enlightened lyric video still

Unblessed Divine: Reborn Enlightened, lyric video Bloemfontein, South Africa: a debut EP by Unblessed Divine, titled The Coming Darkness, approaches and here...
Father Grigori 2020 Chaos Doctrine

Chaos Doctrine: Father Grigori, music video released

Johannesburg, South Africa: following shortly after the alternative version for 'Father Grigori', Chaos Doctrine delivers a tasty...
The Fallen Prophets 2020 No End In Sight, Dead But Still Alive

The Fallen Prophets: Dead But Still Alive, single release

Cape Town, South Africa: 2020 has been hard on many, but The Fallen Prophets are slaying through...
Abaddon 2020 Rise of Terror

Abaddon: Rise of Terror, new album out

Released on 31 October, Rise of Terror by Cape Town black/thrash metal band Abaddon.
Chaos Doctrine Father Grigori Russian Version (Отец Григорий) feat Demether Grail

Chaos Doctrine: Father Grigori, Russian version out today

Johannesburg, South Africa: industrialized thrash/death metal band Chaos Doctrine released a remake of its 'Father Grigori' track...
Ruff Majik 2020 The Devil's Cattle

Ruff Majik: The Devil’s Cattle, out today

Ruff Majik and Mongrel Records released the band's latest album, The Devil's Cattle, via all major streaming platforms today. Physical copies are also available.