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Skinflint 2015 press pic

Botswana’s Skinflint summon ‘Okove’ video

Botswana's Skinflint, well known for the international curiosity they have attracted for their distinctly African twist on the old-school heavy metal style, have released...
Peasant 2015 press

Peasant release ‘Nosedive’ music video

Despite Cape Town's reputation as being a slow city, resident hardcore-metal hybrid Peasant are determined to prove otherwise to the world. Wasting no...

Exclusive: Balyios Teaser Track Streaming Now

Nifelheim, in Norse mythology, is the primordial realm of ice and cold, and was at one point the home of Hel, goddess of the dead, and daughter of the trickster god, Loki. That's pretty bad-ass, and what you can hear of the song is already great!

Crow Black Sky: Launching of Pantheion

With the coming of Crow Black Sky's debut album launch this coming Saturday (18 Dec, 2010) at ROAR in Observatory, Cape Town, we thought it a nice opportunity to have a chat with the guys. Besides introducing this relatively new name on the scene to our readers, we wanted to also acquire a little insight into what we can expect from the album, 'Pantheion'.