Facing the Gallows / The Dead Will Tell – This Is Hate City Review

Metalcore. A genre so many fans of heavy music have gravitated towards over the past few years, but with so many generic, carbon-copy, one hit wonders plaguing the metal scene in more recent times it has become a genre that many now approach with much reservation. Fear not metallers...

Vulvodynia – Lord of Plagues Review

Internet Bands, they're a thing no. And like Myspace bands before them and studio projects before that, they form a valid part of the music industry. South Africa it seems, is not as behind the times.

Autumn Sun – Self-titled debut

A review by Spawnwreath on the self-titled debut album by Autumn Sun, and her experience of listening to it. Overall, it seems to have impressed!

Octainium – Suffer the Clock Review

Suffer The Clock is a great album, a worthy sophomore effort and a headbanging good time. The album flows like a freight train over the lowveld, only slowing down when it hits that rise
Bile of Man - Dystopian Order: The Age of Detritus

Bile of Man – Dystopian Order: The Age of Detritus Review

The term "Brutal" seems to be thrown around with much abandon these days to describe any and all metal that sounds remotely heavy,...
Skinflint 2018 Front cover

Skinflint: Skinflint [Review]

Botswana: The Gaberone-based band Skinflint recently released its latest, self-titled album. The three piece has put together a fine musical offering in this...

Infanteria – Isolated Existence Review

Infanteria means "infantry" if translated from Spanish to English – though it remains unclear as to whether or not the band intended any links to the Spanish military. Regardless, their name seems apt enough considering how Infanteria's lyrical content makes many inferences
Deadline 2020 Cathedral Point

Album Review: ‘Cathedral Point’ from Deadline

Album Review by Linda Evermore It’s finally here! Following on from its debut album...
Wildernessking - The Writing of Gods in the Sand CD art by Reuben Sawyer

Wildernessking – The Writing of Gods in the Sand Review

Living in Cape Town, I have been fortunate enough to see the evolution of Heathens growing into the creature that is Wildernessking. For...
DeamHorth 2018 Spiritual Serpent

DeamHorth: Spiritual Serpent [Review]

Johannesburg, South Africa: DeamHorth is about to release its anticipated new album, Spiritual Serpent, in the first week of July. It's an impressive body...