Hectate: The Order of The Black Light – Review

Egypt’s metal scene seems to be most well known abroad for its death and black metal bands. Hecate is a more recent arrival on...

Bullescript – Knotted EP Review

We often listen album to death when reviewing, for me that meant a twelve-hour work day with this bad boy on repeat. Now sitting comfortably with a beer in hand, and better sound quality than my work headphones, I have to say it: I'm impressed.

Become the Watcher – Paradigm Review

What the hell is happening in Durban lately? After a long drought where the scene seemed all but dead, there has been a sudden and rabid revival from the coast. Started as a studio project, Become the Watcher has burst out of nowhere as a frontrunner to the modern, more mature deathcore sound.

Skinflint – Nyemba Review

As you all know, I have a disproportionate amount of love for all things 80′s and metal. From Iron Maiden to early Metallica, to new revival bands like Steel Panther and Hardcore Superstar; early Slayer and proto-death. So unsurprisingly, I love the latest album by Botswana’s warriors of metal, Skinflint!

Octainium – Suffer the Clock Review

Suffer The Clock is a great album, a worthy sophomore effort and a headbanging good time. The album flows like a freight train over the lowveld, only slowing down when it hits that rise

Boargazm – The Baconing Review

Are you ready for breakfast? The long awaited second helping of Boargazm has arrived. Fresh off the presses, I got a chance to have a listen to the new work by this incredibly avant-garde, Johannesburg-based quartet.

The Summer Underground ‘Damage Done’ 2014 review

This weekend past, I learned that The Summer Underground considered me esteemed enough to attend their Damage Done pre-public album launch. The venue...

Peasant – Dead Hand Review

I hurriedly clicked online on the morning of its release to download the EP from Bandcamp and by nine o'clock I was at the office, sipping on a cup of coffee with some damn fine, blistering hardcore blaring through my headphones!

Vulvodynia – Lord of Plagues Review

Internet Bands, they're a thing no. And like Myspace bands before them and studio projects before that, they form a valid part of the music industry. South Africa it seems, is not as behind the times.

Terminatryx – Shadow Review

When a band has a long gap between releases there are three possible questions that always emerge around a new album's launch date: Have they lost it from being out of the game for too long? Will it be more of the same? Is the new one going to be a step up from their last release?