Boargazm – The Baconing Review

Are you ready for breakfast? The long awaited second helping of Boargazm has arrived. Fresh off the presses, I got a chance to have a listen to the new work by this incredibly avant-garde, Johannesburg-based quartet.

The Summer Underground ‘Damage Done’ 2014 review

This weekend past, I learned that The Summer Underground considered me esteemed enough to attend their Damage Done pre-public album launch. The venue...

Peasant – Dead Hand Review

I hurriedly clicked online on the morning of its release to download the EP from Bandcamp and by nine o'clock I was at the office, sipping on a cup of coffee with some damn fine, blistering hardcore blaring through my headphones!

Vulvodynia – Lord of Plagues Review

Internet Bands, they're a thing no. And like Myspace bands before them and studio projects before that, they form a valid part of the music industry. South Africa it seems, is not as behind the times.

Terminatryx – Shadow Review

When a band has a long gap between releases there are three possible questions that always emerge around a new album's launch date: Have they lost it from being out of the game for too long? Will it be more of the same? Is the new one going to be a step up from their last release?

Last Year’s Tragedy – Challenge Accepted Review

Last Year's Tragedy have released their debut EP, "Challenge Accepted", and much to my delight it's another fine example of the growing scene in the land of lions and tigers. It should also be noted that LYT is a seven-piece band, yes seven, that's heading into Eluveitie territory!

Adorned In Ash – The Dead Walk Among Us Review

For reasons unknown, most metal fans are very sceptical of Christian metal bands and female fronted metal bands. They blame the Christian part for making the band "not as heavy" as their darker counterparts and "just plain sucky", while they say the female fronted aspect is "gimmicky". I blame

Moment Of Clarity – Resurrection Review

When I first opened up the album in Winamp (R.I.P) i didn't really know what to expect. I mean, I knew Moment Of Clarity, I had been to gigs circa 2009 and watched with awe as the ripped up the Summerfest '13 stage

With Dawn – Came the Gulls Review

When Dismantling the Architects went on an indefinite hiatus, Kevin Rule (vocals / guitar) approached his former bandmates Alistair Dring (bass / backing vocals)...

The Drift – Dreams of Deluge Review

It's been just over a year since we first heard of The Drift (a.k.a. "That Facebook Band"). Having gone from a band with nothing besides the combined experience of its members - seasoned veterans from such bands as Knave, Gadabout, Chromium and Misericord; The Drift have grown a lot since being "That Facebook Band".