Poverty of Ideals – Barriers Review

When I first opened up the album on my playlist I accidentally clicked on a random song and was greeted with a few seconds of a low tuned, djenty riff jumping from place to place. My first thought was, "Oh god! Not this again. What ever happened to the idea of guitar tone and riffs that aren't schizophrenic?" Boy was I wrong!

Misericord – Requiem of the Newborn Review

Misericord from Johannesburg produce some good old fashioned melodic death metal. It hits all the right chords for me and is a solid effort from this (as of yet) vocalist-less band. Don't let that little fact dissuade you, they got a session vocalist for the album.

Facing the Gallows – Chapters Review

I have no earthly idea what "Extreme doom glam punk crusty grind black death sludge prog numetal speed viking stoner power core" is but apparently that is Facing The Gallows' genre according to Facebook... To me it sounds like metalcore. Now, I'm not a fan of metalcore, I'm more of a viking/death/power/black/prog/glam/speed kinda guy. But I see those words in their genre, so I gave them a shot. And I was better for it.

Dead Lucky – Sons Of Lazarus Review

If you're one of those elitists that only listens to metal (and nothing else) you can skip this one. Dead Lucky are not metal; but that hasn't stopped them from delivering an album that captures the spirit of all things metal and it's absolutely dripping with macho bravado and posturing. It's the type of music that you'd put on the playlist with the likes of Mötorhead and Danzig.

Arc Reactor – Postmodern Construct Review

The South African metalscape has seen many changes over the last thirty-odd years of documented activity, constantly morphing in tandem with local and international trends of the time. Whilst many bands tend to fade out of the scene once the 'hey-day' of their chosen genre and style diminishes, some stay the course and further develop original ideas into newer sounds, and sometimes new names emerge long after the fact by revisiting what came before, reinterpreting them into a more up-to-date context.

Mortal Soul – Ashes in the Wind Review

Mortal Soul from Kenya is a "mostly" metalcore band. I say mostly, as a lot of what they do is most likened to metalcore. Their riffs are solid but not a single breakdown could be heard on their debut EP, Ashes in the Wind.

Wrust – Intellectual Metamorphosis Review

In places where metal is very much a niche genre, bands tend to come and go. Wrust, who hail from Gaborone, Botswana, have proven to be as resilient as desert plants (with tours to South Africa, Namibia and Italy to boot). The band has been around since 2000, and has now produced their fifth release in Intellectual Metamorphosis.

Skinflint – Dipoko Review

This trio of metal warriors remind me why I love heavy metal. The album is tight, the lyrics are drenched in images of bloodshed and African myth. Quite frankly, this is the kind of album that would not feel out of place between your old Manowar, Warlord and Iron Maiden vinyls.

Anarchy – Scriptorium Review

I've moaned and groaned about the genre "progressive metal" being thrown around like a university football too many times to count, so when yet another progressive metal band drops into my email inbox I already go into a review with preconceived notions. Not so with Egypt's Anarchy who certainly...

Junkyard Lipstick – Hellbent Review

Junkyard Lipstick is a band that has worked hard to get to where they are now. They persevered through a line-up change last year and are now sounding tighter than ever live. Hellbent is the debut album from the thrash-punk quartet.