Warthane "Black Divine" Launch

Black Divine Descends

Corpse paint, necks breaking, moshing, screaming, pushing, drinking and brutal music can only mean one thing: you’re at the Warthane album launch. When arriving at...

A Metal Invasion in Vereeniging

With a lineup saturated with the finest talent that our local music scene has to offer, Emalyth's Last Blast was undoubtedly the place to...

Gig Review: Ghosts of War

With every dark beat pulsating through my body, I morph more and more into a vampire. And not of the sparkly variety. The Anne...
Wargrave at ROAR

Gandalf’s – Breaking a Decade

Gandalf's has now celebrated 11 years of bone-snapping success and neck-breaking parties and has proved that it will keep growing from strength to strength....
A Walk With the Wicked

RAMfest in Review

RAMfest has been and gone, but certainly is not forgotten in the minds of everyone who attended. The Metal4Africa stage was an absolute riot...

Winterfest ’12 in Review – Part 1

Winterfest '12 has come and gone and now it's time for clean up and consolidation. We'd like to issue a massive thank you to everyone who was there and for all the support we've received worldwide for the event. Now without further ado, we hand the keyboard to Helldog to give his account of the first half of the festival.

Gig Review: Metal Night at the Winston

Friday the 19th of October saw metalheads from the greater Durban area unite for Metal Night at the Winston and as seems to be the norm in Durban these days, you make mention of a metal gig and all hell breaks loose with the weather. We're talking torrential rains that should last days being condensed into a matter of 3 or 4 hours.

Megalodon – Darkness in Sonance Review

Megalodon offers a unique alternative to the long-standing South African sausage-machine production. Falling under a unique genre, their debut album, Darkness in Sonance, offers plenty of variation throughout ten songs, dictating almost an hour of metaphorical terror within a tightly constructed package. Megalodon's ability to perform spectacular live shows coins them as one of South Africa's trump cards!

Cape Town metalheads turn out in numbers to support Lucky Lucy

INFURNO took place on Saturday 14 June, in aid of our furry friends. Boigz, who was able to attend, kindly supplied a recount (below)...

Overthrust 2017: A Mardi Gras, but for Metalheads

Johannesburg, South Africa: A trip “over the fence” to play at Botswana’s 8th Anniversary Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Festival in the 6000-strong town of...