Strident @ Ensiferum Tour

Read a first-hand account of Stridents experience of their trip to Johannesburg during the 2010 Ensiferum Tour to South Africa. Words by Strident rythm guitarist: George van der Riet. This is his tribute to all of the Cape Town (and indeed all non-Gauteng/Durban-folk) folk-metallers who were unable to make the pilgrimage to see this legendary Finnish band live.
Bang Your Head 01

Bang Your Head!!! Review of festival in Balingen, Germany

Reporting by: Linda Evermore This was the 20th Anniversary of Bang Your Head!!! Festival and we at celebrated the event in memory of the...

Review: Halloween Horror at Wolmer

"Gauteng's Emalyth, host to a variety of alternative and metal orientated events in the region, put on a pre-Halloween-themed concert at Wolmer Bush Lounge,...
Architecture of Aggression

Wolmer Events Arena – Quarters of Death Metal

The 26th of March 2011, Wolmer Events Arena was the setting for a night of beer fuelled madness and skull crushing metal as some...
Haggis & Bong

Gig Review – Piping Hot Metal @ ROAR

The place, R.O.A.R. What more can be said other than that most regular patrons of Gandalfs Observatory will know, there will always be three...

Rocking the River into the New Year

Armed with a bar-fridge of Monster, and a desire to party, we battled against various weather conditions and unforeseen difficulties amidst the standard festival chaos. This year, the annual event that is Rock the River presented a diverse selection of music across three stages, catering towards fans of metal, alternative, and electronic music.

Horns of the South: Thornfest 2011

The crew from Horns of the South went up to Gauteng for 2011's monstrous Thornfest! Wild bands, wilder parties and this exhaustive report followed!
Stellitius @ Metal4Africa Summerfest '11

Summerfest ’11 – A Festival Review in Three Acts

On the 29th of January 2011, Metal4Africa's annual Summerfest descended on Stellenbosch once again! Featuring 7 killer bands from the Cape Town surrounds and a touring band from Jo'Burg, Summerfest '11 raised the flag for South African metal once again and held it high in the face of the more commericalized, student revelry happening just over the road!
Iron Maiden by Linda Evermore: Johannesburg 2016

Review: Iron Maiden live in Johannesburg

Saturday the 21st May 2016, a hungry Johannesburg crowd eagerly awaited their turn for Iron Maiden's The Book of Souls World Tour. This was...

Gig Review Smoke, Dust & Whiskey Tour 1 & 2 @ 99 FM Playhouse...

The “Smoke, Dust & Whiskey Tour” was a two-show production showcasing bands and individual artists from various musical backgrounds and styles, all going...