Gig Review: Wildernessking, Strage and Past Haunts

I had a feeling that this ROAR gig would be a particularly interesting one, since I hadn’t experienced the kind of music two of the bands (Past Haunts and STRAGE) play live before, and Past Haunts were performing live for the first time.

Gig Review: Metal Night at the Winston

Friday the 19th of October saw metalheads from the greater Durban area unite for Metal Night at the Winston and as seems to be the norm in Durban these days, you make mention of a metal gig and all hell breaks loose with the weather. We're talking torrential rains that should last days being condensed into a matter of 3 or 4 hours.

Gig Review: INGquisition Album Launch

On Saturday 29 September, the time had come for the "INGfidels” to gather for the release of ING’s second full-length album, Ingquistion.

Gig Review: The Thrash Rises

So, I ended up making the long schlepp from Somerset West to Observatory by myself. It was worth it though! Reaching the top of ROAR's well-trodden steps that bear scars from years of abuse from the local metalheads, I had arrived just in time to say a few hello's before the first of the three bands billed for the evening thrashed the stage. Throughout the night, I kept on getting a feeling that I was at this super-awesome high school reunion where I got to hang out with old friends I had forgotten even existed.

Winterfest in Review – Part 2

Yesterday Helldog gave his account of the first half of Winterfest '12 and today Brutalviking dives headfirst into the "main event" of the night - the headliners, Strident and Mind Assault.

Winterfest ’12 in Review – Part 1

Winterfest '12 has come and gone and now it's time for clean up and consolidation. We'd like to issue a massive thank you to everyone who was there and for all the support we've received worldwide for the event. Now without further ado, we hand the keyboard to Helldog to give his account of the first half of the festival.

Gig Review: To the Stage II at Buckleys

My first impression as I entered the venue was fantastic, as was the second and third and all of those which followed during the night. Alex had clearly put in a huge amount of effort in pulling everything together, displaying some serious commitment and creativity in giving the place the actual look of a live venue; complete with stage, backdrop, and even...
State Dependancy

Gig Review: Friday Night Metal @ Rumours Lounge

Nestled in a shopping centre somewhere in the middle of suburbia, Weltevreden Park, Rumours Lounge is just about the only venue this side of Jozi to showcase my kind of live music from time to time. Rumours’ humble stage has seen the likes of legendary bands such as...

Gig Review: Symphonaire Infernus, presented by The League of Doom

For those of you who are currently unenlightened, this gig was not hosted by one of those strange 'end of days' cult groups...

Gig Review: Double D’s Night of Brutality

Upon hearing about a new venue opening its doors to the metal hordes in the Cape Town area, M4A's Darkfiend did the rounds to...