News related to any movement of local bands beyond the boundaries of their immediate locality, or visitors from abroad.

Fleshgod Apocalypse

We Compose, Write and Play Music We Like – Interview with Fleshgod Apocalypse

Wednesday the 28th of March saw Fleshgod Apocalypse hit Cape Town on the fourth date of the eight day Detonation Tour 2012 and...

Riddare Av Koden: Steven and the Finns

METAL4AFRICA brings an account of the recent Ensiferum tour to South Africa as a conversation piece between two locals: Tyranic Assault (official tour photographer) and Steven (Keyboardist for Riddare Av Koden). Words by Andre Venter of Tyranic Assault, on behalf of M4A

SACRIFIST: Breaking African Boundaries in 2009 recently had an opportunity to catch up with one of South Africa's longest standing titans of their local heavy metal movement. Entertaining South African metalheads for well over a decade, SacriFist now stand poised to deliver their ministry of metal to a European audience.