Have you an appetite for Metal Feast 2018?

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Johannesburg, South Africa: established in 2015, Metal Feast has developed into an annual fixture on the calendar. Organizer Musa Mntambo seeks to bring metalheads together, not only to feast their ears on great live music, but to literally stay and enjoy a meal at Rumours Rock City on 3 March.

Good music, good food at Metal Feast 2018

Rumours Rock City is known for offering good food any day of the week, regardless of event. However, Metal Feast 2018 takes it a step further with a spitbraai offering. Apart from gorging yourself, a monsterous line-up of heavy metal populates the day-long event. Bands include: Adorned In Ash; Aimed At You; Bleeding Spawn; Chaos Doctrine; Deadline; Disarmageddon; Fall With Honour; Hiraeth; Hokum; Hypergiant A.E; Lesuth; My Columbine; Nerve Zero; Only Forever; Polar Dust; Posthumous; PSordid; Resurrection of Fetal Remains; Riddlebreak; Riff Raff; Savage Lucy; SSIK; State Dependency, and; Therapayne.

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