Caedem Metal Event: Bloemfontein breaking barriers

Caedem Metal Event 2017

Bloemfontein, South Africa: this city flagged our attention in 2017 for rising above it’s own sense of the ordinary. There has been a hunger here that is now being fed.

A turnaround was spearheaded when, last year, the promoter of Metal Circuit cemented the event as an annual fixture. In 2017 not only has Metal Circuit repeated for a third time, but Winter Woede popped up on the calendar. And now Caedem Metal Event is about to arrive! What’s more is that, unlike events in Johannesburg and Cape Town, these shows strongly feature talent from outside of city limits as being the majority entertainment on offer.

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Caedem Metal Event, bringing two to three, and something in between

This year appears to become the best seen by Bloem metalheads in the better part of a decade with two significant metal events now numbering three. Caedem Metal Event, a newcomer to the scene, has taken queue from the bar set by Metal Circuit and Winter Woede. An impressive line-up with Priest Killer (BFN), Cruci-fiction (PMB), and Surdus (JHB) also includes visitors Norbormide from Mozambique; as well as Demogoroth Satanum from Soweto. South Africa – as mainstream media likes to paint it – is presumably a racially divided nation. At grass-root level, however, many are working to make it otherwise, and activists within the metal community are no exception.

With two bands comprised entirely of ethically African members, this makes a first for Bloemfontein metal which aims to attract others out from behind cultural barriers in the city. We went in pursuit of a spokesperson to learn more:

“My biggest aim was bringing something different to the table by breaking the idea that Metal is just a white-person genre, or stereotypical to what people believe about it”. ~ Bella Wolf (event coordinator, Caedem Metal Event)

Similar to goals set by other promoters in the country, Caedem aims to align with nation-building principles in its showcasing of entertainment; ultimately, bring people from different cultural backgrounds, but similar hearts together.

Caedem, a Massacre to preconceptions

What’s in a name? Bella explained more about where the name for the event comes from and how it aligns with her goals.

“Caedem is actually a Latin word meaning ‘massacre’. The reason I chose it is because ‘massacre’ has a different meaning to me. I would love break or kill the prejudices and preconceived ideas so many people have about Metal”. ~ Bella Wolf

Bella believes that this is an important task in Bloem owing to the city still being a very conservative society; especially in a religious sense and how this also spills across the cultural divide in South Africa. This is one of the key reasons why she insisted on inviting Soweto’s Demogoroth Satanum to Caedem Metal Event.

The ‘Devil’ is in the detail

With the cultural mix established, what remains clear is that this is an extreme metal showcase. It won’t be for the faint of heart. Bella describes how, whilst ensuring that the bands are all suitably extreme, she has looked for unique elements within each to ensure a varied experience. Priest Killer opens with Old-school Death Metal followed by Cruci-fiction‘s Technical Black Metal. Then the pendulum swings back to Surdus, offering groove-laden Melodic Death Metal before Norbormide with it’s Deathcore orientation. To close the night, a return to the dark with Demogoroth Satanum reaching for the roots of true Black Metal.

“I Was inspired by the Metal gigs already in Bloemfontein. Winter Woede was the fist event this year and it was pretty epic, then Metal Circuit III, which was insanely brutal. I wanted to give the other organisers of events in Bloem a chance to actually have some fun and enjoy it from a different side”. ~ Bella Wolf

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Caedem Metal Event will cost R50 entry on Saturday 11 November, at the local metal stronghold of Warriors Pub. Other features include prize giveaways and merch stalls by the likes of Tusk and Claw (drinking horns, jewellery and other interesting goods). Naturally, of course, also some legendary Bloem hospitality!

“The Bloem Metal scene may be small for now, but our passion and energy we bring when holding events is pretty massive”. ~ Bella Wolf

For full event details and updates, join the official facebook event page.

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