Cattle Decapitation: Live in Johannesburg, 24 February

Cattle Decapitation 2018 Witchdoctor Productions

Johannesburg, South Africa: USA Death Metal band Cattle Decapitation is scheduled to perform a once-off show in South Africa. Witchdoctor Productions will host the band live on 24 February 2018.

“That’s right. After repeated demands over the years, we’re finally making our way to Newtown Music Factory in Johannesburg, South Africa!!! Joining us on the show will be the local heavyweights Bleeding Spawn and Insidious Reign!!! It’s a ways away but we’re looking forward to it! Don’t miss it!” ~ excerpt from facebook (Cattle Decapitation)

Cattle Decapitation Misunderstood?

With Heavy Metal in general, the fundamentals are often grossly misunderstood by mainstream. The name ‘Cattle Decapitation’ has proven provocative at times, often raising the ire of animal rights activists. This is somewhat ironic, since Cattle Decapitation formed as a band in the mid-90s with the sole message of anti-animal cruelty. There is a strong culture of vegetarianism among band members.

The message maintains a steady course throughout all seven studio albums. Titles such as Homovore (2000), To Serve Man (2002), Humanure (2004) and Karma.Bloody.Karma (2006) set the stage for a powerful theme. Views expressed through lyrics represent a perspective from the animals’ point of view: A monstrously terrifying life under a regime imposed by humans. In this scenario, Death Metal proves to be a perfect genre suitor for what is portrayed.

Global development

Cattle Decapitation has rocketed in the previous decade. Maintaining it’s core values and theme, the more recent albums of The Harvest Floor (2009), Monolith Of Inhumanity (2012) and The Anthropocene Extinction (2015) were toured extensively around the globe.

2018 sees the band arriving on African shores for the first time in its two-decade career. The one-night-only show follows in the footsteps of other monumental metal tours to South Africa, stopping at the same venue as Behemoth, Rotting Christ, Thy Art Is Murder, and the memorable Witchfest 2015 in Newtown, Johannesburg. Under it’s new guise of Newtown Music Factory (old Bassline), and with the invested interest of Witchdoctor Productions, Extreme Metal in the inner city lives on!

The local talent

Of course, for local metal, milestone opportunities such as supporting a globally significant act are few. We sought comment from all three local support bands, the SAMMA award winning Bleeding Spawn, international media highlighted Demogoroth Satanum, and more recent arrivals on the scene, Insidious Reign.

“Witchdoctor has done it again! For me personally, playing along side these legends is a great achievement in my career that I care so much for. Not only are they one the biggest influences in my life musically, but also it will just make me want to make even heavier music… This drives me. My machine is oiled by the music I listen to and being a support act for the amazing Cattle Decapitated will only fuel me more.” ~ Dominic Vorster (vocals/bass guitar, Bleeding Spawn)

“We have been involved in many of the Witchdoctor gigs and would love to extend our gratitude to the Witchdoctor team. The band went through a great year last year with some huge interviews and amazing gigs, locally and in Botswana, and this will be our first gig of the new year. We are super hyped to start off the year opening for such a major band and appreciate all of the fan support we have been getting. The fans can expect a few changes in our set as well as a new song or two… which will be featured in our album that we are currently recording.” ~ Sthembiso Kunene (vocals, Demogoroth Satanum)

“We are incredibly honoured and excited to be supporting Cattle Decapitation. They have been a big influence on our music and on myself personally, as a vocalist. Travis Ryan is definitely one of the best! We are truly grateful for this opportunity and want to give a huge thank you to Witchdoctor Productions. We will not disappoint!” ~ Wesely van Diggelen (vocals, Insidious Reign)

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