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Cape Town, South Africa: a stellar line-up shapes up to bid farewell to one of this city’s beloved drummers, Josh Gready, from the band With Dawn. As a UK citizen, Josh is headed to his new life in the country of his youth at the end of July, and tomorrow see’s his last performance in With Dawn; which is joined by Atlantic South and Ill System.

Cheers Josh. But just tell us why?

Josh has long held off on his career in favour of pursuing his passion of music; and heavy music at that! But the winds of change eventually blow for us all. In some cases, they carry us away to far off lands.

“I have become very involved in the local scene, and it is the main reason why I have not emigrated sooner. It is the thing I will miss most about this country… my main friendship base lies within this metal community and it will be impossible to replace.” ~ Josh Gready (drums, With Dawn)

Josh took part in an extensive chat with Papa G in this eposide, in which he expanded on the topic.

Josh wraps up seven years of playing in With Dawn at tomorrow’s show. As a founding member, alongside Kevin Rule, the band has risen from strength to strength, casting it’s musical spell again at this year’s M4A SummerFest’18 in February. For Kevin and Mike, who has been with the band for four years, this is not the end yet.

“With Dawn will be taking a break until early next year; to write new material and train up a new drummer, and I obviously fully support this. I do not want the work we have done over the last seven years to end because I am leaving. I want to go out with a bang tomorrow. It will be a very emotional show. I want to make it one for the books, leaving in a good way with everyone that was even slightly involved with the band, whether that be supporting us at shows or has had a conversation with any of us.” ~ Josh Gready

And what more is there to be said? For those of you who have experienced With Dawn‘s electric presence on the stage, or been lucky enough to enjoy a closer relationship with the band; tomorrow is your chance to plant a most important memory. Full event details can be found on the official facebook event page.

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Josh Gready 2018 by Keets Photography
Josh Gready performing at SummerFest’18 in With Dawn: image by Keets Design & Photography