Let There Be Prog 2019: second annual event approaching

Johannesburg, South Africa: in 2018 we saw the first installation of an event concept focused purely around progressive music in all of its various guises; naturally including some of the heavier and Metal ilk. And so it was said – presumably by organizer, Danny Helsing – “let there be prog”, and then indeed, there was Let There Be Prog in June of that year.

Following the success of Let There Be Prog, Danny is evolving his concept into the character of an annual festival event with Let There Be Prog 2019. The second iteration takes a slightly more ambitious approach with Danny including a two-part factor.

Let There Be Prog 2019, by the power of two

On Friday the 8th of November, Let There Be Prog presents Prognosis; a more compressed version of the main feature taking place on Saturday the 9th. The show is for Northern enthusiasts who might not be able to make it too far South the following day; with Prognosis taking place at Railways Cafe, Centurion/Pretoria. Prognosis includes the four bands Ocean Giant, Kings of Improg, Savage Lucy and Cape Town’s Ohgod.

All four bands will return to Let There Be Prog 2019 on Saturday at Rumours Hillfox nearer to Johannesburg. What’s more, the line-up will also double in number with Danny adding Cluster Flux, Deep Spacer, Terramarda and Hokum.

Want more info? Join the facebook event pages for Prognosis and Let There Be Prog 2019, or join the promoter’s page at Let There Be Prog.