RAMFEST 2019: Youth Day festival, feat. Attila (USA)


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Pretoria, South Africa: the RAMFEST brand began clawing its way back into the annual calendar last year with a Halloween extravaganza; the first appearance of the event brand since 2014. This week, RAM (Real Alternative Music) is back with more news and bigger news. RAMFEST returns in 2019.

This time, its new base of operations is in Pretoria, and the format remains a single day event; however, including USA’s metalcore powerhouse, Attila, as headliner. Local support includes the likes of Vulvodynia, Facing The Gallows, One Day Sky and an otherwise eclectic alternative music line-up besides.

RAMFEST 2019, 16 June (Youth Day)

RAMFEST 2019 takes place at the monumental Loftus Versveld Stadium nearby the heart of Pretoria, on the B-field. Besides the rock/alternative/metal stage, there will also be an electronic music stage. This approach stays true to the traditional values of the RAMFEST idea of bringing together all sub-cultures of alternative music into a singular space.

With Attila headlining the band stage, other established artists such as HAEZER and PHFAT dominate the electro stage. Tickets currently available cost R200, with prices surging to R300 for on-the-day sales.

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