Spawn Fest: celebrating 10 years with Bleeding Spawn

Spawn Fest

Spawn Fest 2019 facebook graphic

Middelburg, South Africa: not many are the bands who survive ten whole years in the tough South African landscape. And far fewer are those which come from outside of the larger urban centers of Gauteng or Cape Town. So, why not throw a fest to celebrate when such a milestone is achieved? Bleeding Spawn is doing exactly this with Spawn Fest.

And the result is possibly the most brutal and expansive line-up of extreme metal bands seen one place since Witchfest 2015.

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Spawn Fest: a national and international line-up

A lot about this event speaks for itself, so we’ll just put this line-up and running times here for you.

Pay close attention to how many bands are traveling in from distant cities and provinces. Bleeding Spawn itself travels in from Middelburg, along with Resurrection of Fetal Remains and Displeased Disfigurement. Fenriswulf is from Secunda. Skinstripper and Imperious Vision hail from Durban, whilst Forsaking Fate and Abaddon from East London and Cape Town respectively. Spawn Fest even recruits from neighbouring Botswana with Overthrust.

And for all of this you’ll pay a mere R100 entry? We have no idea how that is possible, but there comes a time when all you can do is say “shut up and take my money!”

Stage 1

14:00 : Posthumous
15:00 : Fenriswulf
16:00 : Triz
17:00 : Portraits of flesh
18:00 : Human nebula
19:00 : Resurrection of fetal remains
20:00 : Abaddon
21:00 : Bleeding spawn
22:00 : Spectral realm
23:00 : Riddlebreak
00:00 : Overthrust

Stage 2

14:30 : SKinstripper
15:30 : Feed the beneath
16:30 : DIsarmageddon
17:30 : My columbine
18:30 : imperious vision
19:30 : Deadline
20:30 : Displeased Disfigurement
21:30 : Facing the gallows
22:30 : Pyre of gods
23:30 : Forsaking fate

Bleeding Spawn

Bleeding Spawn is a well-toured act across South Africa and enjoys a powerful status within the local extreme metal community. One beloved trick this band often uses on stage is deliver piles of “pool noodles” into the mosh-pit, usually with very comedic consequences. The band is a multiple SAMMA winner, and for good reason.

Join the facebook event page for full details and updates.

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