DevilSpeak: EP live launch video stream, 10 February

DevilSpeak live launch video stream

Cape Town, South Africa: tomorrow marks a big day for DevilSpeak. The metal band is releasing it’s debut EP; a three-track project titled See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil. What makes this particularly noteworthy is the same as what has made this band noteworthy since it first appeared in 2015. It’s not what DevilSpeak does; rather, it’s the way DevilSpeak does it.

Exclusive performance with live launch video stream

See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil will be live launched to a global audience tomorrow between 17h00 and 19h00, local time (or 3pm GMT / 11am EST). DevilSpeak returns to the place of the EPs origin, Milestone Recording Studio in Cape Town, to deliver an exclusive performance to a guest audience. However, the entire proceedings will be filmed and live broadcast for fans everywhere! The live launch video stream will broadcast via DevilSpeak‘s Youtube and Facebook channels.

Whats more is that Gandalf’s will open early for any members of the Cape Town public who wish to gather for the occassion, where the broadcast can be enjoyed in a social environment.

Artwork Preview: created by Sepulchral Visions

Another unique aspect of the release includes its packaging. At first sight, it appears to be a conventional digipak. However, upon opening it up, the packaging folds out into the shape of a cross and features stunning artwork by Sepulchral Visions, a South African-based creative. The artwork presents a number of individual components; one created for each song, and each song focusing on a theme. See Evil. Hear Evil. Speak Evil.

Tune in tomorrow to witness this monumental occasion and spectacle of performance, aural, and visual art.

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DevilSpeak SEE EVIL by Sepulchral Visions
SEE EVIL: by Sepulchral Visions for DevilSpeak
DevilSpeak HEAR EVIL by Sepulchral Visions
DevilSpeak HEAR EVIL by Sepulchral Visions
DevilSpeak HEAR EVIL by Sepulchral Visions
DevilSpeak SPEAK EVIL by Sepulchral Visions