My Dying Bride tribute: video released

My Dying Bride tribute

Cape Town, South Africa: Friday the 13th, July 2018 approaches rapidly, and local musicians prepare in earnest for the live My Dying Bride tribute. Hosts, The League of Doom, posted a video today introducing some of the musicians of this collaboration.

My Dying Bride tribute: the team

Those introduced are Justin ‘Biggie’ Bedford, Malcolm McArb, Kevin Rule, Nic Roos, Quintin Schnehage, Esther Hinkley, Ronnie Belcher, Braam Cilliers, Ryan Higgo and Clem van der Merwe. The musicians have participated (or still do) in a plethora of local bands of diverse styles. These are: Grämlich, Terminatryx, Subvers, A Walk With The Wicked, Axxon, The Sleepers, Wildernessking, Crow Black Sky, Alinea, Black Moscow, With Dawn, VOL, Lithium and The Damned Crows.

In the video, some of the team members explain their motivations for being involved in the project; and where the spark for My Dying Bride first ignited for themselves. Also, a few songs which will be performed live are revealed.

The two hour show will be split into two distinct sets, characterized in large part by the photographs below:

The League Of Doom, My Dying Bride tribute
First set, left to right: Justin ‘Biggie’ Bedford, Braam Cilliers, Kevin Rule, Quintin Schnehage, Ryan Higgo, Ronnie Belcher, Esther Hinkley & Malcolm McArb
The League of Doom, My Dying Bride tribute
Second set, left to right: Malcolm McArb, Nic Roos, Esther Hinkley, Justin Bedford, Ronnie Belcher, Ryan Higgo, Clem van der Merwe

The group also laments that a guest vocalist from Uganda, Victor Rosewrath from Vale of Amonition, will no longer be able to visit Cape Town for the tribute. However, The League of Doom speaks cryptically of a bigger plan afoot for 2019 which will see doom fans from different parts of Africa united. We will follow this story with interest. In the meantime, for updates on the Cape Town tribute show next weekend, visit the official facebook event page.

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