Emalyth: Big Day Out II

Johannesburg, South Africa: “Hate City” finds some heart as metalheads, hard and prog rockers come together for Emalyth‘s Big Day Out II. The event concept began last year on what seemed like a bit of a whim by the well-known promoter, and was a roaring success.

“Big Day Out was set up as a sun-to-moon festival featuring a mash up of bands from across several alternative music genres. But more than that, it’s now accompanied by a few stalls and a special appearance by local horror and fantasy authors.” ~ Sashquita Northey (event coordinator, Emalyth)

Whilst Sashquita’s background emerges from mostly extreme metal shows in her earliest years of operation, she believes in the longer term benefit of hosting more eclectically-styled events; essentially geared towards bringing the various aspects of alternative/underground music together.

Big Day Out II, a return

With Big Day Out coming back, a line-up solidified, and battle-stations at the ready, we asked Sashquita about what fans might expect as a development this time around:

“Some of the highlights for the evening – besides the Chaos Doctrine album launch – will be the performance of Durban’s own Your Cynical Sanity. It’s very important for us to be able to bring out quality bands from other provinces. If the 2018 rendition builds upon the success of 2017, then we hope to invite more out-of-town bands in 2019 and beyond.” ~ Sashquita Northey

The current line-up includes the bands: Bridge 6; Hypergiant A.E.; Apocalypse Later; Polar Dust; The Color Blew; My Columbine; Your Cynical Sanity (from Durban); KOI (Kings of Improg); Chaos Doctrine (album launch); Disarmageddon, and; Insanity Unveiled, in that running order spread across two stages.

There will also be spot prize giveaways to various attendees, courtesy of traders hosting stalls. For full information and regular updates, join the official facebook event page.

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