FaceMelt Fest 2017: four cities, one date

FaceMelt Fest 2017

Johannesburg, South Africa: 2016 saw the first installation of FaceMelt Fest on the annual calendar. Correction: to the national annual calendar; with shows in four cities across South Africa on the same date. 02 December sees a return with FaceMelt Fest 2017 bringing metal goodness to the same four venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

“I’m just happy we are able to do it again. I feel our team has grown significantly over the last year and there are a lot of people trying to help grow our small scene, which has replenished my drive to do the same. FaceMelt is a celebration for those like-minded people who just want to enjoy the best of what our alternative music landscape has to offer, without any of the petty judgment that has been going around. It is hopefully the 2nd of many, and now that South Africa is officially on the international touring map, we hope to see it grow into something extraordinary”. ~ Sammy Slabbert (JHB coordinator, The Metalist za)

Facemelt Fest 2017

With 26 bands taking place in four cities, FaceMelt Fest 2017 is standing sure of its template from last year. Some interesting features this year which stand out include Norbormide, traveling from neighbouring Mozomabique, appearing live in Durban alongside a second touring band, Insidious Reign, from Gauteng. Additionally, Johannesburg and Cape Town will both feature a live Slipknot Tribute performance. Port Elizabeth has also expanded its line-up from 5 bands last year to 7 bands this year, including Forsaking Fate which will travel in from East London.

“Each year we are looking at slowly expanding the festival. At the moment it’s pretty similar to last year except from some minor developments as well as the addition of the Slipknot tribute bands to the lineups in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Our aim is to host a fun mini-fest that caters for various metal tastes and is enjoyed by all. After all, it is the birthday of The Metalist za; a group of events organizers, writers/journalists and photographers all extremely dedicated to the local alternative scene”. ~ Matthew Cox (CT coordinator, The Metalist za)

Full line-ups:

Cape Town @ Mercury Live (from 19h00):

Atlantic South
Thread of Omen
Ill System
Slipknot Tribute

Port Elizabeth @ The Music Kitchen (from 17h00)

Princeless Soceity
Forsaking Fate (East London)
Behold The Silence
All We’ve Known
Mezzanine Floor

Johannesburg @ Rumours Rock City (from 16h00)

Nerve Zero
Aimed At You
Slipknot Tribute

Durban @ The Winston (from 17h00)

Thorns of Ivory
The Overmind
Your Cynical Sanity
Norbormide – Mozambique
Insidious Reign

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[su_box title=”True Believers discount for FaceMelt Fest 2017″ box_color=”#f0dea8″ title_color=”#333″]As per with last year, friends of www.metal4africa.com (ie: True Believer members) have been kindly offered a discounted entrance fee to the shows, down to R40 from R60. For info on True Believers, contact here.[contact-form to=’[email protected]’ subject=’True Believer / FaceMelt inquiry’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form] [/su_box]