The Freakquency Transmission II: celebration of the dark

Johannesburg, South Africa: local purveyors of the exquisite and the bizarre at Musical Masquerade are readying themselves for a second installation of The Freakquency Transmission; which follows on the heels of a successful inauguration of the event concept in 2018.

One of the Musical Masquerade worker bees filled us in on details from last year’s show:

“We had great feedback and were happy with the attendance. In a nutshell, there were flames – literally and figuratively – a coffin, an arm as a mic stand and sizzling performances from the bands and sideshow acts. We’re happy with the first edition of ‘The Freakquency’ and are looking forward to another successful event in 2019.” ~ Johan Vos (guitar, Polar Dust / co-organizer, Musical Masquerade)

In Misery 2018 live by J Schutte 01
In Misery, live at The Freakquency Transmission, 2018: image by J Schutte

The Freakquency Transmission II

And without further ado, details on The Freakquency Transmission II.

Speeding over the calendar horizon, this ‘Part II’ of the now-annual feature takes place on 02 March at The Goodluck Bar in Newtown, Johannesburg. This is the same venue as last year, which lends itself perfectly to the otherworldliness of the concept, and also provides a refreshing change of scenery for live underground and heavy music.

Which brings us to the line-up! The Freakquency Transmission is by no means a Metal-focused event concept, yet it includes Metal in part; celebrating all things with a darker, spookier aspect and of which Metal remains a vital component. It does in fact err on the very edge of Metal, although its cross-pollinating character is what makes it stand out to us as something worth paying close attention to.

“We’ve never tried to box in musical genres for the event and are open to most genresalong as there are dark elements in the music. In terms of metal, Mad God will bring the doom, while In Misery and Mr Morgue tread on the metal-industrial side.” ~ Johan Vos

Full line-up

Caution Boy
In Misery
Polar Dust
Mr. Morgue
Mad God
It’s A Fucking Rhino

Moreover, this event series exceeds the boundaries of live music:

“We had fire acts, belly dancers etc. It was always the plan not to have another event consisting of only musical acts. This year will not differ as Tandem Flame Entertainment will bring the fire and Charlie Quinn the magic.” ~ Johan Vos

Last but not least: this show being very likely to appeal to many fans of The Cure, and taking place only two weeks before the UK band’s historic first visit to South Africa, the event organizers have one final trick up the sleeve. The Freakquency Transmission II celebrates The Cure’s imminent arrival with a tribute, whereby some of the bands will perform a number of The Cure songs during the night.

Cost of entry is a mere R100, and the action starts from 17h00. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a whole night of it and potentially expand your views a little. Full event details and updates can be found by joining the facebook event page.

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