Guthrie Govan: South African Clinic Tour starts

Guthrie Govan 2018 SA Tour

Cape Town, South Africa: we spoke with local guitarist extraordinaire, Kris Xenopoulos, about the Guthrie Govan clinic tour which kicks off this week. Kris is the host for this tour in South Africa.

More about Guthrie Govan:

Dubbed “the guitarists guitarist”, Guthrie Govan is considered by many to be the best guitarist alive. Having started playing at the age of three, Guthrie’s experience spans in excess of four decades.

As a Metal-focused website, we can’t say that Guthrie is a Metal guitarist per se. However, as metal enthusiasts we can definitely appreciate his versatility and recognize that his playing style takes a lot from – and transcends – what thrills us most about Metal guitar playing.

“He definitely has a big metal influence but that just one part of his playing. I would consider his song ‘Erotic Cakes’ to be full on metal, but at the same time it really feels wrong labeling Guthrie’s music as one thing. When it comes to genre it’s impossible to label Guthrie as one thing, because he is a musical chameleon and can adapt and play any genre out there.” ~ Kris Xenopoulos (guitars, Vulvodynia/Technopath/Xavleg)

Apart from his own band The Aristocrats; which mixes everything from Heavy Metal to Jazz and Country; Guthrie Govan plays for Hanz Zimmer‘s orchestra when they perform his movie scores live. Among other credentials, Guthrie is known for his work with Stevan Wilson (Porcupine Tree), British hip hop star Dizzie Rascal, the G3 with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani

In 2006, Guthrie Govan put out his Erotic Cakes solo album; considered by many as the best guitar album of all time.

Apart from studio and session work, Guthrie travels around the world to share his musical philosophy through his Master Classes.

“He is literally the reason I play guitar the way I do today! I pretty much learnt how to play guitar from watching him play on YouTube and trying to copy what he was doing.” ~ Kris Xenopoulos

More about the host:

Kris Xenopoulos is likely best known as guitarist for the brutally extreme Slam Metal band Vulvodynia. However, his full capabilities are more eloquently exhibited in Technopath; an extraordinary blend of all things bizarre, technical and musically sublime. Technopath released its debut EP Ontology a year ago, and it featured some incredible local and international guest musicians.

“Being asked to host this tour has been an amazing honor, especially since watching Guthrie play has made me the guitarist I am today. He is my absolute favourite guitarist in the whole world! In less than a week everything starts and I couldn’t be more excited.” ~ Kris Xenopoulos

Kris also plays, or has played for, Xavleg, Contrast The Water, Carnage Carnival and other projects.

Guthrie Govan: Masterclass Clinic dates

Catch Guthrie Govan in South Africa at one of three Masterclass/Clinics. Each event is limited to 200 seats only. If you’re lucky, you could still grab a meet & greet ticket!

13 December @ Railways Cafe, Centurion
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14 December @ Rumours Rock City, Cresta, Johannesburg
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15 December @ Mercury Live, Cape Town
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A message from Guthrie: Greetings South Africa!

Guitar Virtuoso Guthrie Govan (Official) Returns to South Africa for a 3 show Masterclass/Clinic Tour!Limited Seats!13/12 Railways Cafe, PTATICKETS: Rumours Lounge, JHBTICKETS: Mercury Live, CPTTICKETS: more info contact us / 0646823733See you there!

Posted by Kris Xen on Thursday, November 15, 2018