League of Doom: presents ‘Beneath the Mountains of Madness’

Beneath The Mountains of Madness 2017 banner

Cape Town, South Africa: it’s a big week for this city’s sinister cabal of Doom Metallers. Not only has the League of Doom got a guest DJ installed at www.metal4africa.com‘s WinterFest’17 event for a set this weekend, but today they also announce another of their own events – featuring a national tour stop and album launch no less – scheduled for 16 September. Beneath the Mountains of Madness invites not only Johannesburg’s Mad God, but also Pretoria’s Ruff Majik. Visit the facebook event page here.

The League of Doom established itself in 2013. The idea was to immediately bring about a transformation within local music and entertainment. The goal: simple. More people need exposure to Doom Metal. A rag-tag collection of musicians and enthusiasts soon organized itself into a formidable performance troupe. In 2014, the League of Doom appeared as a live act at it’s own first event, and thus was begun the Symphonaire Infernus series of events.

Shadowed Beneath the Mountains of Madness

The League of Doom is exploring the other broad spectrum within the beloved genre pool: Stoner and Psychedelic Doom/Rock. Of course, Doom traces back to the likes of very traditional rock/metal bands like Black Sabbath. Nonetheless, there is a modern incarnation of the genre with a recent surge in artists recreating the ambiance of old-style Rock and Metal bands, and has has captured the hearts of Doom fans. For The League of Doom, it’s all about cross-pollination.

“We want to start attracting another part of the crowd from the Psych Rock scene. It’ll be great to incorporate that. So we’ve got a little bit of the old, and a little bit of the new.” ~ Justin Bedford (musician/member, The League of Doom)

Whilst the Symphonaire Infernus series straddles the line between Stoner/Psychadelic and Death Doom, it leans towards the Death Doom end of the spectrum. Beneath the Mountain of Madness strives to restore the balance of focus, and increase the organization’s footprint on the annual calendar. What better way than with the guests from the North, and some local flavour?

Beneath the Mountains of Madness as Cape Town album launch for Mad God

Beneath the Mountains of Madness coincides with plans for Johannesburg Doom outfit Mad God, which released it’s debut album, Tales of a Sightless City, recently. With the two powers combined, Mercury Live will play host to a monumental collaboration on 16 September.

“It’s also something we feel as quite an honour to be able to host a Cape Town album launch show for Mad God. We’d like to take every opportunity to promote that sort of thing” ~ Malcolm Burger (musician/member, The League of Doom)

Apart from Mad God and Ruff Majik, the show also feature Cape Town bands Doomorgy and The Valley. Additionally, The League of Doom will add a live set under the guise of Electric Bizarre – offering tribute to Reverend Bizarre and Electric Wizard

“We are extremely excited to be doing a show in the Cape. Working with The League of Doom has only been a pleasure. Malcolm and Justin are extremely helpful, friendly and accommodating. I am looking forward to meeting them soon” ~ Tim Harbour (vocals/guitar, Mad God)

My Dying Bride tribute later this year

Another booking on The League of Doom calendar is for 16 December, also at Mercury Live. The sixth installation of Symphonaire Infernus is in fact solely dedicated to UK legends My Dying Bride. The local tribute band is preparing a whopping two-hour set, and may have one or two other surprises to offer before show date.

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