Metal Circuit III: Bloemfontein comes alive with brutality

M4A Metal Circuit III

Bloemfontein, South Africa: this city has recently experienced a revival of sorts in metal culture. Musically, Bloemfontein put forward its own share of contribution to the national scene over the years. However, it remains reasonably isolated from the larger urban centers, resulting in long lull periods.

But new life pulses in the city today. Two years ago, metalheads frustrated by the extended dormancy took it upon themselves to bring about a change. Consequently, the Metal Circuit annaul event series was born in 2015, and a conglomeration of passionate metalheads now puts in the effort required in order to enjoy a local scene in this city.

“Except for the odd gig here and there, we really had no metal gig to call our own anymore; something that would put the Bloem scene on the map again and motivate us to leave our houses and go support the scene.” ~ Amanda Els (event coordinator, Free State Metal)

Metal Circuit III holds to tradition

In the spirit of placing Bloemfontein back on the map, Metal Circuit invites bands from other parts of South Africa. Beginning modestly with only one visitor from outside, Metal Circuit III now boasts four locals and four visitors.

“Metal Circuit had humble beginnings and we are still learning everyday. But as it grew every year, it just started to form it’s own culture and tradition around it. It is like a baby. The more we feed it, the bigger it gets; and I think the fact that Bloem needed something like this again is the reason we can do this for the third time this year.” ~ Amanda Els

Taking place at its regular stronghold of Warriors Pub in the Showgrounds on Curie Avenue, the concert is on Saturday 26 August. The line-up includes local newcomers Berean and Hådar, along with Dreams of Nightmares plus one other unnamed “surprise” act. The visitors are Lesuth, Riddlebreak and Spectral Realm from Johannesburg, as well as Displeased Disfigurement from Middelburg. For full details or updates, join the official facebook event page.

“We hope that Metal Circuit will establish itself deep in the roots of the SA Metal Scene and proudly represent the Free State.” ~ Amanda Els

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