Monsters’ Ball: Metal with Meaning

Monsters' Ball

Johannesburg, South Africa: All fans appreciate a good line up for a gig, so a great line up with the added benefit of supporting a good cause is even more appealing. This week Saturday, Rumours Rock City will play host to seven bands who, in turn, will be playing in support of Look Good Feel Better SA; an organization which supports Cancer patients, with all proceeds from the event going in support of this foundation.

Monsters’ Ball: The Meaning behind the Metal

Look Good Feel Better is a worldwide non-profit organization and this event will be in support of the South African chapter.

“Look Good Feel Better holds workshops for people going through cancer treatment. They provide you with a care kit and teach you how to make yourself look better and feel better with makeup techniques, skincare, and so on.” ~ Janéca Dippenaar (organiser, Monsters’ Ball)

For those who have been affected or impacted by this dreaded disease, you will understand that sometimes there are things about going through the diagnosis, chemo, radiation and then remission that no one really talks about. Sometimes, all someone needs, is to just feel a little better about themselves and talk to someone who knows what you are going through.

“The things they teach you are the things no one tells you except someone who has gone through cancer treatment.” ~ Janéca Dippenaar

With the focus of this organization being helping cancer patients face the world at their best, what better way to support it than through a fancy-dress ball with a Metal event and a little bit of a monster twist to appeal to the macabre.

Dead Ted
Dead Ted will be there, will you?

Who you will be supporting

The evening kicks off at 18:00 and there was a decision to go the old school route and draw straws for time slots, so be sure to arrive at the start so as not to miss out. The stage will welcome Till Terminus, Deadline, PSordid, Aimed at You, My Columbine, Omentum and Disarmageddon.

Omentum will be bringing Brutal Doom Metal with a comedic twist to the stage, and plenty of bass.

“Unfortunately, everyone at some point in their lives encounters this dreadful illness. To be able to help raise funds for those who help others affected by this illness is an absolute honour.” ~ Chelsea Mulock-Bentley (bass, Omentum)

Fresh from two SAMMA wins this past weekend, Deadline will be returning to Rumours Rock City for the second week in a row.

“We are very excited to destroy the stage this Saturday with so many friends. We will most definitely bring our A game.” ~ Jessy Switchblade (vocals, Deadline)

The crowd will be able to indulge in some old school Thrash in the form of Disarmageddon.

“We’re excited yet humbled to be on this awesome lineup to support this good cause.” ~ Ash Seetharam (bass, Disarmageddon)

Till Terminus has been off the stage for a few months, however the band will be returning with something new.

“What can we say. It’s been months of planning and waiting… we’re so damn excited. So much excitement that it has hit a 180 and now we’re nervous. With so much changing in life we’re even doing something new that we’ve never done before, which made us nervous; but now we’re pretty excited about it… it’s crazy, just like how this gig is going to be.” ~ Mosi Storm (guitar/backing vocals, Till Terminus)

My Columbine recently released it’s debut album, Ritual Violence.

“It’s great to be able to play for something that is meaningful and will have a tangible impact.” ~ Sven Borgstrom (bass, My Columbine)

Aimed at You will be releasing ‘Like, a Million Alligators’ on stage.

“Aimed at you is very excited to be part of this line up! We are keen to see the crowd dressed up to the nines, expressing their monstrous appetites while we all show our softer side supporting Look Good, Feel Better.” ~ Sam MacKintosh (vocals, Aimed at You)

PSordid have recently announced that they are seeking a new lead vocalist, so this will be one of the few opportunities left to see Barend take the stage and transporting the crowd to a new dimension.

“We feel privileged to be sharing the stage with so many great bands who have come in to join us in support of such a worthy foundation.” ~ Tim Botes (bass, PSordid)

Whether you want to support the cause, the bands, or just partake in a monstrous Metal Ball, this event is bound to deliver both chills and thrills. Remember to get to Rumours Rock City on Saturday 14 April 2018 to catch the bands starting at 18:00. It is a fancy dress, so remember to wear your ghoulish gowns and ball attire with a macabre twist. For full event details, visit the official facebook event page.

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