League Of Doom: My Dying Bride live Tribute

League Of Doom 2018 My Dying Bride tribute show

Cape Town, South Africa: we’ve observed this phenomenon repeatedly here. When the probability of a live appearance by a band which many devotees follow feels like zero, they assemble into an ensemble; and offer tribute. In this city we’ve seen live shows dedicated to Megadeth, Amon Amarth, System Of A Down, Pantera and more. This July, however, Doom Metallers have an opportunity to revel in a live tribute to the majestic My Dying Bride.

Hosted by The League Of Doom, the My Dying Bride Live Tribute is set for Friday the 13th of July at Mercury Live. Musicians from various local bands perform a two hour set consisting of tracks written by My Dying Bride exclusively.

My Dying Bride

My Dying Bride boasts a career spanning nigh on 30 years. In that time having released 13 studio albums, amidst other smaller musical works, My Dying Bride is recognized as one branch of the famed “Peaceville Three”; joining Paradise Lost and Anathema as among the originators of the Death Doom/Gothic Metal genres in the early 90s. “Peaceville” refers to the label, Peaceville Records, which identified the potential and propelled the careers of these three bands to prominence. A fact for which many remain eternally grateful.

The League Of Doom pays homage with a collaboration of musicians from Cape Town’s live scene, past and present. The foundation of members is made up largely from ex-Grämlich; a Doom/Gothic Metal band which existed in the city at the turn of the millennium. It includes, however, guests from more current acts of a great variety too; some of whom are Kevin Rule (With Dawn), Ryan Higgo (Crow Black Sky), Clem van der Merwe (Black Moscow), Ronnie Belcher (Terminatryx) and more. Follow the official facebook event page for full details and updates.

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