South African guitar ladies to present workshop in Kenya

Johannesburg, South Africa: the Nairobi Guitar Festival is a long distance from here, yet the festival announced a very special guest to present a workshop as part of the festival proceedings; none other than South African guitarist, performer and Ibanez artist Robyn Ferguson. Best known for her own Death Metal band Adorned in Ash, in which Robyn both sings and plays, she is also known for session and theater work; most recently being the Guns’n’Roses Tribute currently underway in Gauteng.

Robyn Ferguson and Tamla McMahon: Sistas of Metal

Furthermore, Robyn will be accompanied by her Sista’s of Metal wing-woman, Tamla McMahon (also from Tamla Kahn).

Both ladies are seasoned and versatile performers, and made a strong impression whilst performing at the Rock no Rio Catumbela in Angola. Apart from a very practical presentation, the underlying message is that guitar playing is for everybody and gender need not be a limitation. Within the African space this view is still sometimes met with skepticism; although the winds of change are clearly blowing.

“I met these awesome peeps when I performed in Angola last year. We got chatting and they invited me to host a guitar clinic at the The Kenya Conservatoire of Music. This specific event will be quite heavily focused on female musicians which is really super cool. When I heard that I asked them if they would be okay if I shared my slot with another awesome lady, Tamla. They obviously also met her in Angola when we were there and remembered her so they said it would be awesome having us both.” ~ Robyn Ferguson

The ladies will focus on matters of playing technique, endorsements, business and social media; of course also touching on matters of gear and band life as a lady.

“The Kenyan people are so awesome and so thirsty for knowledge. I’m truly so excited to go and it’s super rad that Tamla is able to come along. She’s great and deserves an epic shot too.” ~ Robyn Ferguson

For more information on the Nairobi Guitar Festival, visit the official website; or for more on Robyn’s guitar clinic in particular, visit the facebook event page.

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Adorned in Ash 2018 Robyn Ferguson Ibanez
Robyn Ferguson: image by Nathan Ferreira (Snapback Photography)