South African Metal Music Awards Ceremony

SAMMA 2015 Musa Mntambo, Brandon Bernado
SAMMA founders Brandon and Musa: image by Perception Entertainment

Johannesburg, South Africa: the annual South African Metal Music Awards is back in 2017 to honour achievements by local metal bands during 2016. A ceremony will be held at Rumours Rock City in Cresta, nearby Johannesburg on Saturday 01 July. The ceremony will feature a night of live entertainment, highlighted by announcements of the winners in each of the thirteen categories, and guests to assist with the announcements. It promises to be South African metal’s night for glitz and glamour, and to open it’s arms to the broader public, the SAMMA are hosting the ceremony as a free entry event.

For more information and updates on the SAMMA 2017 Ceremony, join the official facebook event page, or for year-round updates follow the South African Metal Music Awards official facebook page.

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