SummerFest’21: online for viewing and socializing

SummerFest'21 band line-up banner

Cape Town/Johannesburg, South Africa: this country’s longest continuously running all-African metal festival series is evolving. Whilst we’re also eager to get back to physical concerts as soon as possible, the team at M4A has embraced the opportunity to upskill for an unwritten future.

Our operations are now split across not only two cities, but two digital platforms.

Quality Viewing vs. Quality Socializing

We’ve always felt that what makes a festival feel, well, festive, is the combined ingredients of people, culture and music. We can’t have one and not the other, and still pretend to be a “festival”.

Therefore, for a high quality viewing experience, we encourage you to check out SummerFest’21 on This should work well for a desktop, mobile device, or even through an internet enabled TV. The stream will go live from 18h00 (+2 GMT).

If you’re well equipped enough, tech-wise, watch whilst at the same time joining us on Discord for some socializing. We’ve prepared a server with multiple chat rooms and festival-relevant topics. There will be band members from various of the featured acts, merchants who often sell wares at our physical events. We’ve even got a listening room where our regular DJs are still eager to be a part of SummerFest’21, so you can check in on them as well.

All of these extras will only be via Discord, so sign up an account right now, if you haven’t already, and hop onto the M4A server from 17h00 (+2 GMT) on Saturday 30 January. Note that on Discord M4A staff will be hanging around a bit earlier than the stream starting time at 18h00.

Band line-up and running order

  • Sunken State
  • Chaos Doctrine
  • The Medea Project
  • Facing The Gallows
  • Sundergeist
  • Hiraeth
  • Mind Assault
  • Darkroom Productions (feat: Portraits of Flesh, In Misery, Horrid and Mr Morgue)
  • Riddlebreak
  • Cryoplegia
  • MA-AT

Owing to the “Live” nature of how the show will be curated, we can’t give exact times; but most artists will have a 25 minutes spacing between starting times, with an average running time of 20-25 minutes for most. We’re planning approximately 6 hours of viewing, starting from 18h00 (17h00 on Discord for a bit of pre-stream socializing).

Join the facebook event page here.

FREE to join, but please donate to bands if you can

In the spirit of the hard times for so many losing work or having to get by on lower income, we’re keeping the online events free. Come and join us! We’re keeping this alive, hopefully, for the benefit of mental health during stressful times.

If, however, you are in a more fortunate financial position through these times of pandemic, please do support your favourite artists by buying their music or merch, or offering them a donation for their efforts in SummerFest’21. They need it!

You can also support us, if you like, by ordering a SummerFest’21 limited edition T-shirt. Cost is R250 each, plus shipping (+R99 per package, can contain up to 4 or 5 shirts).