The Alpha Sequence: ‘Hologram’ album launch this weekend

The Alpha Sequence 2017 Hologram

Cape Town, South Africa: Deathcore band The Alpha Sequence smashed onto the local scene in 2015. This weekend the band will release it’s debut full length album, Hologram, with a live launch. The show takes place at ROAR Live, with support from Subject To Slaughter, Holo, and also newcomers As Time Divides. To see full details and updates on the launch show, join the official facebook event page.

Hologram: the meaning is whatever you want it to be

“The message that is being created is one that needs to be decoded by oneself.” Duan de Jager (vocals, The Alpha Sequence)

Callan describes the band’s focus themes as being rather open-ended. However, some common threads tend to pop up within the lyrics; which are rather abstract at times. Ranging from demonic entities internally embedded as psychological faults within society, to the sorcery of one’s own mind and the search for enlightenment through identification of one’s dark nature; the band engages topics pertinent to young, intelligent minds, seeking to make sense of a chaotic world.

“To ‘be’ is to realize the constructed conformance of reality, and then to realize that we have made it.” Duan de Jager


Here is a little teaser from our upcoming album "Hologram". Share it and spread the word m/

Posted by The Alpha Sequence on Monday, January 30, 2017

Callan met a team member of Space Brother Productions whilst playing live along with Port Elizabeth band All We’ve Known; which also recorded with Space Brother Productions. Having originated from the Eastern Cape himself, it was not hard for Callan to win over his bandmates with the choice to go with Space Brother for the Hologram project.

“I had already heard previous albums that space brother had released and knew that this was going to be a good choice.” Callan Du Plessis (guitar, The Alpha Sequence)

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