WinterFest’20 | Online Festival

WinterFest'20 by metal4africa - generic header

Cape Town, South Africa: we’re getting ready for our first ever online festival.

WinterFest’20 combines 13 years of experience in live events and mountains of new learning in recent months since Covid-19 and Lockdown pinned us to headquarters. Needless to say, we’re feeling very excited for this new adventure, exploring the evolution of our “place for Friendship and Metal”.

Save the date: Saturday 01 August, and also join our Facebook event page.


We’ll be using Discord to host the social aspect of WinterFest’20. Download it for free to use on a desktop/laptop computer or smartphone device.

We’ve shared a ton of stuff about Discord already – click here to learn the basics.

The event will consist of several components. Mostly we’re focusing on bringing people together to converse and enjoy each others’ company, so we encourage use of Discord (basically just another social app, but with some cool functionality added). There will be a couple of chat room spaces – some dedicated to text only, while others are designed for music listening, watching live streams, or video chatting between patrons who attend the event.

WinterFest’20 is free of charge to join. However, we will be offering some voluntary payment options, effectively a donations system where you can support what you’d like to, if you choose to. We know some of you are out of work and low on cash. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to spend some time with you!

The Headbangers Hall

As with our physical event, you can enter the Headbangers Hall to check out a couple of wicked bands. On the line-up we’ve got (A-Z):

  • Deadline (Pretoria)
  • Forsaking Fate (East London)
  • Ohgod (Cape Town)
  • Rhakshah (Cape Town)
  • Ruff Majik (Pretoria)
  • The Fallen Prophets (Cape Town)
  • Truth And Its Burden (Johannesburg)

What’s more is that with the Covid-19 situation, we’ve also decided to work with a few individual talents for this festival:

  • Mark Allnutt (Knysna, known best from Pyjama Planet and All Guns Full Ammo)
  • Kris Xenopoulos (Johannesburg, known best from Vulvodynia, Technopath and other bands)
  • Robyn Ferguson (Cape Town, known best from Adorned In Ash and Sistas of Metal)

Metal Market

We’ve decided to try and maintain a working relationship with the merchants who always help us with a nice festive atmosphere at the physical shows. And we’re able to meet new people from outside of Cape Town too. Online makes many thing possible for those who explore…

  • CeltiCraft
  • Obscura Records
  • Sin Samaritan
  • Solsken Clothing
  • The Metal Hut
  • The Pastel Cat
  • Zar Goth Emporium

We’ll update more info about what these merchants are offering in the days ahead. For the event, however, we’re asking each one prepare a little presentation for you. If you like what you see, please support them during these times.

Other Features

Music Listening Rooms.

We’ve grown very fond of our resident DJs at SummerFest and WinterFest shows. They will also join our online festival – why not? WinterFest’20 will include a few listening rooms where you can dash in and out, and discuss the music with other fans.

Sharing Rooms.

If you’re already a regular user of Discord, you might know some tricks of the trade. Hop into a designated room with friends or people you meet and share your screen with them – things like music videos, songs, games, pets, food, fashion…. anything you have in common that’s fun to share and talk about (please note: NSFW items in private DM only)


Just because we’re not leaving home doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be worth our while to dress up, should it? We’re encouraging eveybody to share a photo of their outfit for the evening in a space dedicated to that purpose.

Socialize with bands.

Band members will be “attending” in person as well. We’ll dedicate some chat rooms to specific bands, but you can also find members “roaming” in other areas. Strike up a good conversation if you like.

Gonna be there? Gonna go that? Why not get the T-shirt?

This event is extraordinary, and not necessarily positive, in the sense that we wouldn’t be doing it this way if circumstances were more “ordinary”. But we are doing it regardless, and in spite of circumstances; which actually makes it kind of special. It was important to us to bring a little bit of this into the artwork so that we could capture the memory. The illustrator, Luke Stroebel, did an amazing job bringing in a few elements to reflect the times.

WinterFest'20 T-shirts (instragram)

If you’d like to buy a shirt, please email [email protected] – we’ll get back to you with a quote and to confirm an order. Just FYI, average shirt cost is R190 (we also designed a limited colour scheme to keep printing costs lower) and to-the-door shipping is R99. Other options are available.