11th Hour: reawakened and on the road

11th Hour press

Johannesburg, South Africa: the 1990’s saw a massive spike in activity within the Rap Metal genre globally, with the likes of Cypress Hill and Rage Against The Machine achieving variable degrees of prominence, and the residual of those successes spilled over into new genres. Then nu-metal, and other mutations, exploded and persisted through the 2000’s and although the popularity from that high-point in Rap Metal from two decades ago has subsided somewhat, the residual remains strong enough to carry the next generation forward. And so in South Africa, we saw our own groundswell within the broader genre; of which very little remains today. However, some bands who derived strongly from that era are making a come-back of sorts in more recent times!

Last year, Johannesburg stalwarts of the genre, 11th Hour announced their intended return to activity after initially disbanding in August 2014 after nine years on the circuit. Since the start of 2016, 11th Hour have hit the live scene in their home city with vigor, and this weekend, they are re-introducing themselves to Cape Town alongside that cities own stalwarts Ill System; also resurrected as of late since originally disbanding in the mid-2000s.

“We’re hitting it hard, dude. We’re really grinding hard and we got a whole bunch of shows lined up; so we’re ready to fuck shit up in 2016-2017. We’re really grateful for the supporters who actually stuck around and have always been pumping our name out there, even when we were not active.” ~ Musa ‘Moose’ Mntambo (vocals, 11th Hour)

The band have spent the last few months of 2015 in the studio, rehearsing and recording for a new EP to be released later in this year. Musa tells us that the working title, which is not yet official although may be, is Kill The Rabbit, and represents something of a different approach for the band.

“We still are – and will always be – a rap metal/alternative band. You know, we’re still gonna make motherfuckers get the fuck up and mosh the old-school way; but yeah, the sounds we’re making now are very very different to what it obviously was before. It’s a little bit more mature and a little bit angrier. Some political awareness where we’re just taking pot-shots at certain political figures, or certain corporations in South Africa, if not in the world. Personally, as lyricist, I’m always a little pissed off at something, um, I guess it’s just something that’s always been in me.” ~ ‘Moose’

With gigs queuing up, the band appear to be filled with a fresh enthusiasm which they’ll be taking along on tour this weekend. The dates include Friday 08 April at The Rabbit Hole in Durbanville, and then going large on Saturday night at ROAR with the beastly line-up of 11th Hour, Ill System, With Dawn and Atlantic South.

“We really appreciate the fans coming out to shows, seeing what we’re all about. We’re just out here trying to grind on and grind on, and hopefully we can just put SA metal more on the map than it’s ever been. So yeah, 11th Hour is back! Motherfuckers better get ready for action, because we’re about to take some serious fucking names here! Hope to see you guys this weekend. Booya!” ~ ‘Moose’

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