Crow Black Sky: Launching of Pantheion

With the coming of Crow Black Sky‘s debut album launch this  Saturday (18 Dec, 2010) at ROAR in Observatory, Cape Town, we thought it a nice opportunity to have a chat with the guys and introducing them to our readers who have not yet caught the band live.  Besides introducing this relatively new name on the scene to you, we wanted to also acquire a little insight into what can be expected from the album Pantheion.

Down in the deep South of the Cape Peninsula.

In an old quarry overlooking False Bay with the waves crashing on rocks below, I met up with Stephen and Gideon of Crow Black Sky, not far from one of the lads’ home.  It was a moody and beautiful setting, yet harsh at the same time.  From the conversation that followed, I realized it was actually an ideal place to discuss the bands upcoming album.  I was lucky enough to get a preview in the car driving over, so had an idea what to expect before writing this piece, but I’ve not yet had the chance to listen to it in finer detail so as to deliver a full review.  You can be assured that this will follow soon, however.

The band was started in 2009 by the core members being Stephen, Gideon, and Kean, and took a little shaping with some members moving through before settling with Ryan added on vocals along with Lawrence on drums and a third guitarist, Chris.  The band did a short bout of performances in later 2009 before slinking off into the underground to begin work on the album, only resurfacing again for an appearance at M4A‘s WinterFest’10 and some rare appearances between – focus remaining on the album.  Thus, we arrive now at the present day.  “The writing, recording, and production of this album has been one hell of an ambitious and exciting undertaking”, said Gideon, the bands guitar-vocal dual maestro.  As it turns out, the guys have gone about the recording by first physically building and setting up the recording environment, and then by using it to write some interesting and original material.  From my side, it is nice to listen to a band live who just gets on stage and kicks ass, but it is a rare privilege to listen to a band who wrote songs with a specific ‘idealism’ in mind, and in the studio – and then having to take it to the stage and recreate the essence of the songs written.  In this regard, I have been very excited about Crow Black Sky.  Especially since seeing the effort that went into pulling off the live set at Winterfest’10, and the fact that they nailed it!

“Our approach to writing is concentrated, vast in scope, and quite unusual to say the least, although ‘metal’ encompasses the majority of styles represented within the songs, there are also highly detailed acoustic, oriental, piano and orchestral compositions.” ~ Gideon Lamprecht (guitar/composer, Crow Black Sky)

Besides the three live guitarists seen at Crow Black Sky‘s shows, I was pleasantly surprised by how they managed to also incorporate all of the elements described here with the cunning use of backing tracks.  Stephen and Gideon went on to describe their songs as, “a drift between foreboding despair, crushing victory, godless arrogance, composed humility, lost love, magnificent power and heartless betrayal” again bringing my mind to the emotions evoked by being in such a powerfully beautiful place (in the quarry) – yet tainted by the harshness of mankind in his hour of hunger and greed.  Yet, here we sat, able to appreciate both.  The lyrical content heads off in similar directions, based on such things as historical battles, ancient cataclysmic events of both earthly and mythical proportions, the idea of love abandoned in favor of duty, and the individuals pilgrimage into dark inversions of ‘faith’.

The band intends to perform the album in it’s entirety for the launch.  “it’s likely we’ll never perform some of those songs live again,” said Stephen, the bands bassist.  I was not surprised to hear this, having noted that two songs on the album were over 10 minutes long.  The band is planning also for the release of a music video to the track entitled ‘Stars Of God’ in the first quarter of next year, followed by a tour to Johannesburg in support of Kataklysm in May.

In the meantime – album launch party details

Crow Black Sky have arranged for a two-part launch party allowing for all ages in the earlier part of the day, and then more performances for over-18 only in the evening through to late at night.  Supporting the launch of Pantheion are listed with times below.

The launch party will also feature a wet T-Shirt competition, a merch stall, discounted prices on Crow Black Sky merch and drinks specials.  For full details and time slots, visit the facebook event at:

For those of you unable to make the event, M4A will be posting a review of the album soon – or you can listen to the album preview online at:

Saturday 18th December 2010 at ROAR (above Gandalfs)
The show will be open to under-18’s from 4pm-8pm

15:00 – Doors Open (All Ages Show)

16:00 – Lord Have Mercy
16:30 – Forgive Us Not
17:20 – Red Carpet Murder
18:10 – The Impalement Theory
19:00 – Imperium Of Man

20:00 – Doors Close (All Ages Show)

20:45 – Doors Open (Over 18 Show)

21:00 – Infanteria
22:00 – Reverse The Sands
23:00 – Crow Black Sky
00:00 – Wet T-Shirt Competition
00:20 – Imperium Of Man
01:20 – The Plague

Prices: (Specials will be running for the entirety of the event)
R30 – Entrance
R70 – Entrance and CD
R70 – Entrance and T-shirt
R110 – Entrance, CD, and T-shirt (Special)

R60 – CD
R60 – T-shirt