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Cape Town, South Africa: anticipation builds here for the scheduled visit by USA heavyweights 36 Crazyfists. As many will recall, 36 Crazyfists performed at the 2015 Krank’d Up music festival in Gauteng. Many Capetonians were unable to travel across country to take advantage of the opportunity; however, the band is making good on a promise made from the stage in Johannesburg. It is returning to South Africa! This time fans in both Gauteng and Cape Town will be treated to home-town performances.

“Well just the initial possibility of coming to Africa was mind blowing, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!!! The people, the culture; it was all so cool to us and coming back someday was always a must. We are really grateful for another opportunity.” ~ Brock Lindow (vocals, 36 Crazyfists)

Brock is also eager to visit Cape Town. At the last visit, some of his band mates were able to linger in the country and made the trip; which he is now looking forward to doing also after hearing about the wonders of our coastal city.

“I’m really excited to see it myself. I want to ride on the pirate ship and possibly ride a shark!” ~ Brock Lindow

Attention 36 Crazyfists fans of Cape Town! Here's a message from Brock…

Posted by Turning Tricks entertainment on Thursday, March 15, 2018

36 Crazyfists, Johannesburg and Cape Town, April 2018

For those in the North-East of the country, there is little surprise as to what can be expected from a 36 Crazyfists show. Capetonians, on the other hand, will be wide-eyed and filled with wonder. We’re intrigued to hear from Brock about the band’s experiences of playing shows in far-flung, isolated locations to audiences just like us. His demeanor warmed up immediately and the enthusiasm grew tangible.

“I relate to it because I grew up in Alaska, and it was very similar as far as the isolation from touring bands. The energy is really special as the people are always hungry for that live feeling. We love it, and we can’t wait to connect with all our people again.” ~ Brock Lindow

Of course, originating from isolated parts of the world in the “music industry” sense – such as we South Africans are – tends to often be regarded by ourselves with a more negative connotation. Brock and his band of global explorers, on the other hand, see it as something special and which as contributed in no small part to 36 Crazyfists‘ longevity as a band with a reasonably steady line-up:

“The band has become much more than just an outfit that makes music together; it’s family and brotherhood to fullest extent. Coming from Alaska and touring the world is something that hardly anyone has done where we come from, so it’s also something we are very proud of and seeing all these sights as a band has been extremely amazing for us.” ~ Brock Lindow

Musicality and Style, the spirit of Metal, and Lanterns…

Music nerds from all corners of the globe seem to have difficulty pinpointing 36 Crazyfists‘ musical style exactly. Even us! One overriding factor that can be agreed on by all, however, is that it is sufficiently heavy and groovy to hold our interest. In fact, as the band matures, it embodies the spirit of it’s roots with greater and greater eloquence. We asked Brock about this:

“We always just stay true to the music we love, which is Hard Rock/Heavy Metal; and in the middle somewhere we find our own sound. All the sub genres and labels that fly around really don’t have much of an impact on what we try to stick to. It’s that love of rock n roll and the aggressiveness of metal that we relate to, and that’s where we try to carve our own sound in.” ~ Brock Lindow

With later albums like the recent Lanterns, 36 Crazyfists seems to be merging the best of both worlds of Rock and Metal. The 2010 album Collisions and Castaways, aurally, symbolized something of a shift – perhaps even too strongly so for some older fans – towards the latter. Lanterns, on the other hand, appears to bring a great balance to the band’s older and newer sounds, and thus uniting the fanbase. Brock reflects on the Lanterns tour so far:

“It’s been special. All of the singalongs and the overall connection with our fans through our music just seems to get stronger on each release. We are very grateful to have our fan base and the ability to still be doing this for all these years.” ~ Brock Lindow

Catch 36 Crazyfists live in SA, and don’t forget to buy some Merch

Speaking of “all these years” and touring, we realize that 36 Crazyfists has been at it for well over two solid decades! Apart from the reasonably steady line-up of band members which we touched on earlier, there must be many changes that a band like 36 Crazyfists has observed in the industry around it. Mostly, technology!

“Technology has helped and hampered this business. The days of touring with map quest papers all over the van are thankfully over, but the ability to sell your music has diminished quite drastically because of the ability to get it for free. So, I guess we rest on being road dogs and selling our tee shirts to make it all still work, and that’s something I don’t see changing anytime soon.” ~ Brock Lindow

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Cape Town, Friday 27 April @ Mercury Live
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Johannesburg, Saturday 28 April @ Rumours Rock City
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