A Never-Ending Battle With No Resolve – Interview with Bile of Man

Bile of Man

For a band who thinks “Humanity is a disease that deserves to be wiped out,” and whose opinion is that “Human nature can be an asshole,” Pretoria based death metallers, Bile of Man, have become an inspirational local band. The inspiration lies not in their steadfast opinions of humanity, but in their deep understanding of both the business of music and the professionalism which comes with climbing the ladder of success. These traits are what set Bile of Man apart from many others.

While their almost five years of existence has brought on many member changes, it has also brought good management and a firm fan base. This has proven its worth, as Bile of Man is days away from touring with one of the world’s youngest and most successful death metal bands, Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Although very excited about the upcoming Detonation Tour, the band sees this as more of a learning curve. “Giving the South African metal scene and bands enough international exposure is not something that will happen after one tour with an international band or even with any traditional rhino horn muti.” Bile of Man is of the opinion that a band is a business and locals need to start accepting that fact. Their sound advice for band-business success is confidence, originality and motivation. “If there isn’t something that separates you from the other thirty-five thousand other bands in the world, you will get stuck in your mom’s garage and eventually give up playing,” is the general consensus from the band. They also have a deep respect for other musicians and give sound sobering advice at the same time.

In their business spirit, Bile of Man shared that they are working on a new album. “What works for us is to try and conceptualise the central theme of the album. After which we write the music and then add accompanying lyrics.”
The bands key sound is the biggest objective for the new album, much like Behemoth, Origin and Nile; Bile of Man want their sound to be deep set in every song they write. They do, however, avoid denouncing and promoting religion both on stage and in their lyrics; “…it has been done before, it is a never-ending battle with no resolve, people differ and they all choose to believe something different, deal with it. We have more pressing matters to deal with in life, like war, human errors, monopolies ceasing all opportunities to effectively use your hard earned money, death, politics and neighbours. We will not be caught in the fire fight where people disregard our music for our subject matter being objectively written to be aimed at a certain direction of faith. We will write about subjects closer to the human process than religion. If we write about religion it will have to be something factual, of which there is little real evidence.”
“We don’t understand why it is so important for people to be a part of that fight. If you don’t support religion, great, you can probably carry on without ever worrying too much about it, you don’t believe in any religion after all, if you have faith in a deity, great, just don’t shove it in our face, it would be great if people could just let it go.”

Death metal fans can be rest assured, Bile of Man will not be taking on dubstep with regards to their sound any time soon. “As Bile of Man, the furthest we will go is to get a guest vocalist to come and tear a stage up with us at some point, and bands that come to mind are Bleeding Spawn, Bloodbeast, Suiderbees, Killatoria, Theatre Runs Red and more. But collaboration is something that needs to be given a lot of brainstorming, because there is always the danger of it becoming ‘corny’ or ‘lame’.”

Fans can see Bile of Man and others playing with Fleshgod Apocalypse from 23 March in Gauteng, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. For more information, visit the Detonation Tour website.

And as for the sobering advice – Bile of Man guitarist, Bennie Burger, suggests that instant relief from being drunk is splitting your head open. As close to between your eyes as possible. It almost guarantees you walking in a straight line.