A Price On The King’s Head: on their way to build

A Price On The King's Head by LiBella Photography

Cape Town, South Africa: Local metal band A Price On The King’s Head have been a little on the quiet side in recent months, toning it down a notch since a sustained burst of energy throughout 2015. Whilst live shows are on the back-burner for while, it certainly does not mean A Price On The King’s Head will disappear altogether from the city’s stages, as is evidenced by their appearance this weekend at We Came To Build 2016 taking place in Claremont.

“We made a decision to slow down gigging right before the end of last year so we could start working on new material. We’re looking at bringing out an album soon, and as you know, these things take time. We’ve also been changing out our gear, fine-tuning our sound. New amps, new guitars, new effects, new ideas with vocals… we want to come back to the scene with something new to offer. Fans should definitely keep their eyes on us this year, we’ve got a few surprises.” ~ Brendan Glover (vocals, A Price On The King’s Head)

Apart from performing at the much-hyped We Came To Build all-ages show coming up on 18 March, A Price On The King’s Head were also announced last week as co-support act for German band Eskimo Callboy on the Cape Town date of their South African tour in October this year. We asked if there was a concerted effort towards higher profile shows this year:

“We are extremely excited! I believe the work we have put in over the last two years is now paying off. Actually, The rest of this year was initially going to be set aside for writing new material, practice, recordings, etc; but to be honest, we’ve had a lot of really great opportunities thrown our way in the last few months. We’ve had to turn down a lot of them – which we really regret – since we are focusing on our album. However, playing shows is what we really enjoy; being on stage as a band is the best part of being in a band. So, if more of the right shows come our way, then this year you might just see us on stage more regularly than expected.” ~ Brendan Glover

Brendan remains as tight-lipped as can be expected about the actual album they’re planning, save for suggesting that a few sneak-peek tracks are likely to be revealed later in the year. Although recording has not yet begun, we are told that this is because the band are still toying with a few new ideas before getting started. Brendan also admits to the band not having released any new material since their 2014 Regicide EP launched at our very own WinterFest’14 concert, but tells us that some of the songs written since then are already included in their live sets. With that, we wanted to know what further motivation he had to offer the public to attend We Came To Build this Friday evening.

“To you, the guy or girl standing in the front row, banging your heads and pumping your fists; to you, who appreciates underground music in all its shapes and forms, regardless of genre… without you, there is no scene. Take what Build Your Scene has started and apply it in your area, in your school, in your life… take pride in the local music all around us. Support your friends and the strangers who get up on that stage to entertain you. We all need each other for the scene to thrive.” ~ Brendan Glover

Find out more about Friday night’s show with it’s power line-up by joining the official facebook event page and following the promoter at Build Your Scene.

Image: Band photo by LiBella Photography

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