A Saintly Act – Saint’s Method

“Bless my bullocks! Why haven’t I haven’t I heard of these boys before?!” I thought to myself, on a rather warm and muggy early afternoon at Wolmer Fest a few weeks back.
I was ambling around as the afternoon bands had started, not really expecting much, as it seemed that most people had opted for an early evening nap before the debauchery launched into night two – Surely these are just the warm up acts?

Wrong. Totally. Wrong.

Five of the most unassuming guys made their way onto stage and unleashed hell for the handful of people watching. Plus the bassist had a rubber ducky on his bass. Instantly impressed.


Saints Method hail from Jo’burg circa 2009. Started as a Frankenstein-experiment throwing members together from previous acts like Injured and Evilry, they spent their first eight weeks practicing before the boys; Pieter, Corne, Patrick, Van and Daniel launched at Death Fest in 2009.

An EP quickly followed in March of 2010, Fortitude, which has been remarkably well received in Canada and the US. In the four years since, they have been very busy gigging and writing!

I watched their Wolmer set with what I’m sure must have been a gob-smacked expression on my face. The few people who were awake and watching were headbanging along, supporting the hell out of the boys, and for good reason. Not only are they fantastic live, their energy is intoxicating.

A fact that can be attested to by their recent win at the Carling Black Label Battle of the Bands (held at Rumors Lounge) earlier this year.

Off the back of their latest track launch
“Hate”, the band are gearing up for their first full album launch in August and a tour to our beloved Western Cape in December.

Pieter (vocals) shed a little light on it for us: “[The] album is already confirmed and it will be called Another Dead Horizon. The band will be going into studio mid May – June and the album will be launched in August/September followed by a string of small weekend tours to make sure we cover the country from end to end. We figured this will take a while and after the support we received on the Coastal Crusade tour we realized that Cape Town in December is the place to be!
The album will consist of ten to twelve tracks depending on intro songs and we’re even considering doing another ballad after the reaction we received from “Casino in the sky”. We actually don’t have a choice.”

This is definitely one of those bands I will be keeping an eye on, and seeing live more often!

Check their Facebook page for the upcoming tour dates, Saints Method are well worth checking out.

Stream “Hate” below: