All We’ve Known: begin Human Nature tour

All We've Known 2016 press
Image credits: Simon Subrosa , Ablaze Artisan Photography and Brave Ideas.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: beginning with their Human Nature tour in neighbouring Jeffrey’s Bay tonight, All We’ve Known are abuzz with excitement to be on the road again. Their adventure will extend only as far as Cape Town for this year, although it sounds like 2017 will see the electronic-post-hardcore-infused melodic metallers infiltrate the nation at large, breaking out from the geographic isolation of Port Elizabeth and promoting their Human Nature debut EP which was released in April this year.

We spoke to a member of the band to find out some more detail on this tour, which seems to mark an anniversary since their first foray into lands beyond their home city one year ago.

“It will actually be exactly a year to the day by the time we arrive in Cape Town again. That was our only time there before, but it gave us that drive to keep touring because it was a blast and we had really good shows.” ~ Dill Jones (guitar, All We’ve Known)

The band’s last tour was before the availability of their Human Nature EP – before audiences had a proper chance to get to know the band – and which has since come into circulation, shipping to various cities across the country and even beyond the border. Dill also told us about how their work has demonstrated a cross-genre appeal; a rarity for South African metal.

“So far it’s been pretty awesome. We’ve had orders from people all over South Africa as well as one in Zimbabwe. I’ve also noticed quite a few people from a more ‘Non-metal’ background coming to shows, listening to the music and supporting us one way or another.” ~ Dill Jones

Dill explains that the band will be even better prepared this time around. All We’ve Known will play Human Nature in full, along with a few other surprises. The band will also have a few props and visuals included to increase the thrill factor for fans, as they ready themselves for visits to other cities, and hopefully more large-scale national events in 2017.

“From day one we’ve always aimed at being able to tour different places and play these festivals we hear so much about. It’s extremely rewarding to be given the opportunity to play in Cape Town again and we’ve been practicing really hard in order to make our set something to remember. Currently, we’re planning on spending the bulk of 2017 touring different places and spreading our sound.” ~ Dill Jones

All We've Known 2016 Human Nature tour

Although touring and live shows is not all that the band are planning for in 2017. Dill let us in on the fact that All We’ve Known will also be using the Cape Town visit as an opportunity to complete filming for a music video, thus heralding the arrival of some new release material soon. He is excited about the development of the band’s sound since Human Nature and it seems as though they are eager to get working on a new album, even in spite of still riding the wave of their debut.

“In terms of new music, like I said, we have a video coming for a new single we’ve done called ‘Perfect Disguise’, which is probably my favorite song we’ve done thus far. It’s a lot heavier and riff driven. Then my guess would be another full release towards the middle/end of next year, but people can expect to start hearing more and more new ones included in our set starting early next year. Between myself and Shaun, we’ve written quite a few songs already. It’s going to just be a case of deciding which songs we’d like to include for the album.” ~ Dill Jones

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves with 2017 news, we shift the focus back to the immediate present. All We’ve Known, with the assistance of To The Stage, kick off the tour tonight in Jeffrey’s Bay supported by local metallers Behold The Silence. The two will then return together to Port Elizabeth tomorrow for a bender of a party at Pool City along with Mezzanine Floor and Monolith, after which All We’ve Known will continue on to Cape Town alone to play with support from locals there. Capetonians can catch them live at The Rabbit Hole on Friday 02 December, and/or at the mammoth Facemelt Fest (celebratory birthday party of To The Stage‘s media affiliate, The Metalist, also featuring the likes of Megalodon, Mind Assault, Bulletscript, etc) taking place in Mercury Live on Saturday 03 December.

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