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Cape Town, South Africa: local metalcore band Atlantic South have accomplished a lot in their relatively short time on the scene. The band has already completed a first tour in 2015 and are soon to embark on another since the release of their debut self-titled EP in November 2015; with fellow Cape Town band With Dawn joining them for a foray into the interior beginning in two weeks. To set the excitement to pitch, however, Atlantic South are also performing at tonight’s We Came To Build 2016 all-age concert in Claremont; the first all-age show of it’s scale in the Cape Town region for many years. For those who might not have seen Atlantic South live before, we asked them for a little description and also how they felt about this particular performance:

“Anyone who’s seen us perform knows that we’re all about the crowd interaction. We love nothing more than to see people enjoying themselves and jamming along with us, like we’re all in one big band! Just to put things into perspective, I basically grew up on local metal. I would almost always be attending all-ages shows with my friends, and I really felt a sense of community and belonging. The fact that this is coming back gives me hope for the future of our scene. I want kids to grow up in the metal scene the same way I did. I think it’s crucial in order for our community to expand; start them off young, not when they’re old and have jobs.” ~ Luke Edwards (vocals, Atlantic South)

Luke also tells us that this huge burst of energy in the weeks ahead is precursor to the band beginning work on an album. In terms of what the band already has released, we looked back at Atlantic South‘s self-titled EP which appeared in full last November. It culminated in six tracks recorded at 7 String Studios (also promoting the band’s tour) of which three had been released as singles spanning intervals in the months prior.

“We’ve had an excellent response so far, I think. A lot of the support has been coming from other local bands, which is truly humbling and we extend our gratitude to them.” ~ Luke Edwards

So with confidence high, a killer show unfolding tonight, and the Southern Invasion Tour creeping up, Luke admits that not everything in paradise being perfect, but he’s learned to make do by appreciating the good above worrying about the bad:

“I typically don’t like driving for very long periods of time, and the fact that it’s gonna be the longest distance I’ve ever traveled on the road makes me a little nervous. However the fact that I can spend this tour with my friends – playing music I enjoy to people who want to hear it – makes me excited beyond comprehension. One thing I love about my band is the antics while we’re traveling. There’s almost never a serious moment, and I’m all about that!” ~ Luke Edwards

Find out more about tonight’s show with it’s power line-up by joining the official facebook event page and following the promoter at Build Your Scene.

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