Bandwatch: Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

Admittedly, when I first heard this band’s name crop up about year or so ago, I did not have overly high expectations. No offense! It just rings of somebody taking the piss. So it took some time before I visited the band’s Facebook page. When I did finally get there, I was stunned at the line-up of members: guys from such legends of the local modern metal scene as Betray The Emissary, Day Turns Night, The Broken Result and 21st Century Tragedy, all wrapped up neatly into a living corpse.

The result of which was that I was not as surprised once I finally heard the music as I might have been, after being cornered by some zombies at M4A’s SummerFest ’12 and having a disc thrust into my clammy grubbers. The production is totally top notch. I’m guessing this is the work of Burning Tone Studio? I don’t know, but I’m guessing – considering that Mr. Louis Henn himself is also in the band. For those who don’t know, Louis is responsible for the outstanding work previously celebrated on this website with the release of Recursive by The Broken Result. On this disc from Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, there were two songs not intended for release, but more of a promo of what is to come. The music is actually pretty weird! Not as in “kak” weird, but more like “very interesting” weird. The songs are performed with absolute brains-against-the-wall heaviness, and the kind of precision which requires no double-tap (Motherfucker!).

The mix is immaculate, allowing the listener to hear every detail of every instrument, including the weird buzzes and blinks programmed into the tracks. The songs do maybe go on a bit long for the level of intensity that they reach within the first few seconds – although there are plenty of breaks and changes to keep it interesting. Ultimately, I can imagine these songs to be part of a high octane soundtrack to some kind of zombie apocalypse-styled arcade game, filled with carnage – like Need For Speed, but driving bullets and chainsaws instead of cars.

Personally, I’m rather looking forward to hearing whatever Zombies Ate My Girlfriend have planned for us. They seem to me to have taken a now overdone genre and given it a fresh spin with their unique interpretation and adding a fun (albeit with serious undertones) component. Lets see what the future brings… if not the demise of all!

Stream “Deathworm” by Zombies ate my Girlfriend below:

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