Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives – complete line-up

Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives

Pretoria, South Africa: As the countdown continues towards this important annual fixture, Emalyth has completed the full live music line-up for the promotor’s ninth installation of Arts Expo. Titled Arts Expo: Nine Lives to compliment the milestone, the weekend of 27-29 January will be the event’s sixth year at Wolmer Bush Lounge since making the move to there which facilitated it’s growth into a full-weekend outing with camping and other facilities.

Whilst the Emalyth brand has it’s roots laid deeply within the realms of extreme metal, it has grown increasingly important in recent years as a cross-over point in terms of niche genre live entertainment. Apart from already being a dynamic event with an equally strong focus given over to visual and fine artists within the “underground” circles as the live music, mastermind Sashquita Northy has begun broadening her definition of underground music by including music of non-metal/extreme sensibilities – although often equally as obscure to mainstream preferences – into her line-up selections. For 2017, the line-up includes a healthy portion of the traditionally extreme metal bands, but recognizes a balance between calmer styles and approaches to music as well.

“As the event grows I feel it’s important to incorporate more diversity. A lot of the bands performing that are not classified as metal are made up of people who appreciate heavy metal. It creates a good dynamic of music and people and makes the Arts Expo a more accessible festival for all alternative peoples.” ~ Sashquita Northey (event coordinator, Emalyth)

Bands for Arts Expo: Nine Lives in no particular running order (A-Z) include:
After Robot, Boargazm, Cluster Flux, Deadline, DevilSpeak (Cape Town), Disarmageddon, FAQT, FREExMONEY, Jonathan Peyper, Lesuth, Mezzanine Floor (Port Elizabeth), Nerve Zero, No Comply, PitVirus, Polar Dust, Raptorbaby, Resurrection of Fetal Remains, Riddlebreak, Riot Control, System Of A Down Tribute Band, The Color Blew, Thundermerwe, Undertone, Vulvodynia (Durban) and Zombies Ate My Girlfriend (Cape Town, 2016 international Wacken Metal Battle winners)

Emalyth2017 Arts Expo: Nine Lives, poster design

The part of the event which compliments it’s namesake – as the Arts Expo – will include displays by dozens of South African creatives, including the works of some interesting personalities, known and unknown. Some exhibitors we have taken note of include: Louis Du Pisani (creator of MK Ondergrond, initiator of Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa, and vocalist at The Drift), Liam Milner O’Flaherty (piper at Haggis and Bong) and Roushan Van Niekerk (bass guitarist at Riddlebreak) to name only a few. Also out in force are traders known to the alternative community such as Solsken Clothing, Kulcha Kollektive, Macabre and Geekery, Reigning Red and more.

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