Emalyth: gear up for the ‘Big Day Out’

Emalyths Big Day Out 2017

Johannesburg, South Africa: Gauteng bands and fans have been spoiled of late with some killer shows and the 29th of July 2017 brings with it the next Big course. While the Mother City simultaneously revels in www.metal4africa.com‘s WinterFest’17, it is good to know that we inland folk can get our own good helping of Rock and Metal at Emalyth‘s Big Day Out taking place at Rumours Rock City. The line-up sees some regulars, as well as a few who haven’t been seen in the Big shows of late – all supported by some other creatives who will be showcasing their wares and crafts.

Big Line Up

Till Terminus will kick off the Big Day Out at 14:00. This Progressive band have been up to something Big themselves and left the astral world recently to start recording their first single with Sordid Studios. We wanted to know a bit more about the track and whether we would be hearing it at the event. The guys blush smiling behind their masks.

“Being a proudly South African Prog band, we want to answer in typical South African fashion: Yah Nee Maybe. Since our special featuring artists will not be joining us on stage, we cannot guarantee that the song will be played, but it might pop up in some way or another. It’s a wildcard, and as Yu-Gi-Oh says: you must believe in the heart of cards.” ~ Mosi H. Storm (guitar/backing vocals, Till Terminus)

Cluster Flux will offer up something new a little later in the afternoon. A Big must-See based on the band being an improv-centric project with an ever-revolving combination of members. Be there early to find out what this show brings us.

Saturday will be a Big show for Aimed at You:

“Sadly, we will be bidding farewell to one of our founding brothers, Lionel. His incredible talent and passion for music has brought an amazing element to this band. Besides, we’ve decided he’s not actually allowed to leave the band, he’s just kick starting our European chapter. We love you Lionel, and we hate to see you go. We do, however, know that life will take you to where you need to be. No matter where you go or how far away you are, you will always have our undying love and support.” ~ Sam MacKintosh (vocals, Aimed at You)

More Big Guns

Theatre Runs Red 2015 by C Duvenage
Theare Runs Red: image courtesy of Christelle Duvenage Photography

The stage will be welcoming the winner of this year’s SAMMA for Best Black Metal band, Theatre Runs Red. It is a Big win, what can we expect next?

“Over the rest of this year we are going to be doing many things that have been on the cards for a while. We plan to bring many new elements into our stage shows so next year expect to see a whole new TRR!” ~ Lilitu Caprinae (vocals, Theatre Runs Red)

Another SAMMA winner, Bleeding Spawn, will be tearing up the stage, hot on the heels of the Big announcement of their supporting role for the international Death Metal legends Cattle Decapitation, being brought to South Africa by Witchdoctor Productions in February 2018.

“This is one of our biggest dreams, to play alongside Cattle Decapitation. They have been a Big influence on us as a band. Besides opening for Aborted in 2015, this has to be our biggest dream come true. We are stoked!! More than words can say.” ~ Darius C. Wilken (guitar, Bleeding Spawn)

Spectral Realm will be making another Big appearance and have some highlights from this year so far.

“Every time we get to haunt an audience, every time we get to watch our musician friends play their hearts out on stage, every time we get to have a beer with said friends, and every time someone releases their music.” ~ Shelby Maelanthe (Keyboards, Spectral Realm)

Spectral Realm 2016 Theo Rabe by C Duvenage
Theo Rabe of Spectral Realm: image courtesy of Christelle Duvenage Photography

Over and above these killer bands, the stage will also be shared with: Tenacious 3; Major Affective Disorder; Impact42; The Color Blew; Polar Dust; Surdus; Riddlebreak; Raptorbaby, and; Insidious Reign.

Big Stalls

In between watching the stage line-up and visiting the bar, patrons may also peruse the stalls offered up by supporting creatives – MissMoan, StitchCraft, Martin Kunst, Onyski Keiju, Kimmy, Mark Shaun. Hopkins, Joe Doe, Steamed Rabbit, Reigning Red and No Reason Clothing. Added to this you will also be able to get the latest literary offerings from Alternative Authors Sian B. Claven and Toni Cox. Sian has recently had a Big launch of her debut horror novella which is proving to be a definite Must-read.

“The basic premise is about a girl who can’t decide what direction she wants to take in life and moves with her parents to a farm until she decides what to do. Once there though… she starts uncovering some seriously dark secrets…” ~ Sian B Claven (author, Ensnared)

Be there as it happens!

Catch Emalyth‘s Big Day Out on 29 July at Rumours Rock City starting at 14:00. Get there early to avoid disappointment. Visit the official facebook event page for more details.

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