Return to the Mountains of Madness: 20 April, Cape Town

Mountains of Madness

The League of Doom: Mountains of Madness Banner 2019

Cape Town, South Africa: a follow-up to last year’s successful Doom showcase, Beneath the Mountains of Madness, approaches. Simply visited as Return to the Mountains of Madness, The League of Doom brings back Gauteng bands Mad God and Ruff Majik, and places them alongside two fresh Cape Town acts; MA-AT and Psyklasm.

Return to the Mountains of Madness

This years showcase is earlier than the previous one, which was in September, as The League of Doom seeks out the viability of establishing a permanent annual fixture; as well as the most appropriate date range for it. April 2019 presented too great an opportunity to ignore:

“The upcoming event marks our second foray into ‘The Mountains of Madness’. Our journey takes place on the most auspicious date of 20 April; perfect for the Stoner/Traditional Doom Metal on display that evening.” ~ Justin Bedford (event coordinator, The League of Doom)

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There are other significant factors at play which forced The League of Doom‘s hand on the date:

“The timing of this event couldn’t be more perfect, with Ruff Majik making a permanent move to Europe shortly afterwards. This will be your last opportunity to see them here in quiet some time. Mad God has also released the highly praised ‘Grotesque and Inexorable’, making this the first time we will be hearing those tracks performed live in the Cape… let us hope they (do) don’t awaken a nightmare from beneath the waves.” ~ Justin Bedford

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MA-AT is also scheduled to release a three track EP to coincide with the show, titled Find Evil, Feel Fine. If their last release Nursing Serpents is anything to go by you will certainly need to prepare yourself for a full bodied hazy experience. Finally, every Lovecraftian adventure needs a harbinger of Doom, and Psykasm will offer deeper insights into the unfathomable depths than the San Pedro, with their unique, psychedelic and heavy Doom Metal/Rock.

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