UNDERLAND: beginning the claw-back for Cape Town metal bands

Kill Frenzy, Ellington's, UnderLand
Kill Frenzy, Live at Ellington’s

Cape Town, South Africa: in these final breaths of a ghastly 2021, the name UnderLand emerges synonymous with the local watering hole, Ellington’s.

Kicking off a debut show at Ellington’s on 30 October earlier this year, Tamsin Kesting, event planner at Underland, began the fulfillment of a vision; a partnership to kick-start the local gig circuit for heavy/alternative music once again in the (semi)-post-covid Cape Town.

We attended her second show this weekend of 18 December, featuring the bands MA-AT and Kill Frenzy. It was a night of Doom (but no gloom) and Thrash (without the trash). In short: pure bliss! Clearly, we need our live Metal back, and there appears to be enough of those who would agree.

MA-AT, UnderLand, Ellington's
MA-AT, Live at Ellington’s

UnderLand and Ellington’s: committed to reviving the Mother City’s live metal circuit

Ellington’s has long been a friend of Metal in the region. With a legacy spanning many years, the bar and pool hall has always held open arms for metalheads and live bands; adding to its more quirky nights of trivia and other social activities enjoyed by metalheads and folk from other walks of life.

Fortunately, it remains as one of the survivors of three hard lockdowns, booze bans and unrelenting curfews. What better location for Tamsin to settle in and propel her vision of regular live Metal, monthly, for the foreseeable future.

Recovery underway

From our point of view, this is an important step towards recovery for the local scene. We’ve seen bands lose a lot of momentum since the pandemic struck. It’s going to take some commitment and effort the get that back to pre-pandemic standards. We feel encouraged to see Underland taking the reigns on this one, and as M4A, we hope to find ourselves back in the mix by mid-2022 as well.

For now, however, we’re encouraging locals to support this initiative between Ellington’s and UnderLand, with the next Metal night scheduled for 29 January. Details to follow soon.

Connect with the promoter UnderLand on Facebook
Connect with the venue Ellington’s on Facebook

UnderLand, Kill Frenzy, Ellington's
Kill Frenzy, live at Ellington’s