The Freakquency Transmission: celebrate freak culture

The Freakquency Transmission 2018 M4A

Johannesburg, South Africa: do not feed the carnies, beware of the freaks, do not look the belly dancers in the eye!

Good Friday indeed, as the sun dips below the horizon, Polar Dust beckons you into its dark fantasy on the 30th of March; where the absence of light will cast a shadow over normalcy and illuminate the other-worldly acts to be witnessed at The Freakquency Transmission.

The Freakquency Transmission: “Polar Dust to Ground Control…”

This brainchild of dark post-punk band Polar Dust has taken countless hours of nurturing; ultimately leading to the gloriously tantalizing event that awaits Gauteng. The Freakquency Transmission concept stems from a passion to create an experience; not just an event to attend and forget the following day. For first time event organizer, Polar Dust has been performing its own freakshow by jumping through hoops and clearing hurdles that come with organizing a showcase of this magnitude.

“We decided to take an old school approach to marketing, in addition to the usual social media route. Us and the other bands on the bill have been going out and handing out flyers, promo CDs, stickers and posters to various venues around Joburg and Pretoria. The amount of participation and help we have received is truly humbling and we are beyond excited to put on a spectacular evening” ~ Sara Eksteen (vocals/guitar, Polar Dust)

A freakishly delightful Lineup:

Six bands will weave their musical spells over the crowd, ranging from The Goldilocks Effect; an up and coming band from Pretoria with a flair for powerful melodies and riffs crafted to grab attention. From the intimate writing process in the bedroom of the bass player come the almost ghostly end product that whisks listeners away to a land where the music is a little darker and the atmosphere is hauntingly enticing.

The next band featured on this bewitching line up is Apocalypse Later; a five-piece neo-grunge band with a Nirvana-esque loudness coupled with a Beatles-esque pop sound. This captivating act combines the sounds of classic rock and electronica with artfully sweet vocals.

Polar Dust is sure to captivate the audience with its ambient, gothic sound. Although the band is exceptionally hard to classify in to a genre, given its non-conformist maverick approach against the mainstream music of the day, it leaves its audience awe-struck with beautiful melodies and the siren song of frontwoman, Sara Eksteen.

Polar Dust: The Freakquency Transmission

Old school alternative fans, hang on to your docs! You are in for spoils galore

The next band in the lineup is none other than the pioneers of 80’s rock, No Friends Of Harry. Fans craving the husky, old school tones of this legendary act; 30 March is the perfect opportunity to satiate that hunger.

Formed in 1986 in a true old-fashioned post punk garage band fashion, this bunch of friends never dreamed that they would become icons in the South African alternative music culture! No Friends Of Harry did its last nationwide tour in 1998, but has since played gigs in Cape Town and Johannesburg among others. Bassist Dave De Vetta will be flying in from England to grace the stage with his brothers in musical virtuosity for The Freakquency Transmission.

No Friends Of Harry is eager to revisit some old material, with no doubt that there will be an abundance of nostalgia for all involved. Not least of all for mesmerized fans who will get to watch and revel down memory lane at a band which was the pinnacle of alternative local music in most of our formative years.

As if No Friends Of Harry playing wasn’t a treat enough in itself, fans can look forward to the release of a remixed version of their third album at the gig. About a year ago, longtime friend and producer of the band Pete Pearlson found himself unimpressed with the original version of their third album 15 Seconds and took it upon himself to breathe new life into it with a complete remaster. Fans can look forward to the re-release in both vinyl format and CD.

“It feels so much closer to the rawer and more powerful sound of the band live on stage that we never
quite managed to capture on record in the late 80’s and 90’s” ~ Rob Mc Lennan (vocals/guitar, No Friends Of Harry)

No Friends Of Harry

Louder and Darker

In Misery with its sinisterly captivating vocals and deliciously dark tone might remind one of The Awakening. In Misery, in spite of the macabre title, is a band that has to be see to fully experience how the music is composed in such a tantalizing, heavy, beautiful manner.

Closing the live music for The Freakquency Transmission is none other than Mr. Morgue; the industrial metal darkness of this band is outstanding and the act comes with a secret surprise that will only be revealed on the night of the Transmission.

More freak-a-licious to tantalize the senses

Cirque Le Soir
Cirque Le Soir: Belly Dancer
There is another line-up for this evening; one that is sure to astound the audience and leave a few jaws hanging to the ground! The side shows include abstruse acts that the local scene has not yet witnessed. The Freakquency Transmission welcomes a freakshow all the way from Cirque Le Soir, Dubai that is definitely not for the faint of heart. Bear witness to the arcane pain defying acts of this enchantress. Additionally, a juggler who plays with fire will not be the only fiery feat of the evening. The Freakquency Transmission is sponsored by Hellfire Whisky liqueur. As if this lineup isn’t spectacular enough, it will also include a magician to dazzle attendees with sorcery and illusions.

So, gather together your most freakish costume; the best dressed freak will reap the spoils of victory with a special prize. Indulge your inner freak and come out to play in the shadow realm. For full event details and regular updates, join the official facebook event page.

Entertainment Schedule

18.30 – 19.00 The Goldilocks Effect
19.00 – 19.15 Freak show Act 1 Belly Dancing
19.15 – 19.45 Apocalypse Later
19.45 – 20.00 Freak show Act 2 Knife Juggler
20.00 – 20.40 Polar Dust
20.40 – 20.55 Freak show Act 3 Human Ashtray
21.00 – 21.40 No Friends Of Harry
21.40 – 21.55 Freakshow Act 4 Fire Juggler
22.00 – 22.40 In Misery
22.50 – 23.30 Mr Morgue

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